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Anthony Tolliver took to Twitter today and asked his 25K followers to ask whatever they wanted. Here are some of the highlights:

Anthony isn’t a huge fan of Joey Crawford… or his mother.

Come on, Tolliver, get with the game; everyone’s heard the new Kanye album already.

AT was a huge fan of his Hawks teammates this year.

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hh-logo-DRAFTKyle Korver appears to be one of the more coveted Atlanta assets. However, if the Hawks aren’t able to resign him, they will have to look at other options. Russian prospect Sergey Karasev could definitely be one of these options. A late bloomer during the draft process, Karasev was once pegged as a mid-twenties selection of the first round. However, once he came to the states and showed a miraculous touch on the long ball, he became a draft day wild card. Rumored to go anywhere from ninth to the very end of the first round, it is unclear if Karasev will be there at 17th, or if he will be even considered a good selection there by the Hawks brain trust. Nevertheless, with his size and flash for shooting, he’s an interesting name waiting to be called on during draft night.

Measurements:¬†Karasev is 19; this makes an Olympic appearance and leading Russia’s top professional league in scoring all the better. Also since he is 19, it has been rumored that he is flexible on when he comes to the USA to play. This could potentially be valuable for the Hawks, Continue Reading…

Coach Mike Budenholzer made his second coaching staff hiring this week, adding LA Lakers assistant and former Atlanta Hawk Darvin Ham to his ranks.

“Darvin has a great feel for the game and knows what it takes for a team to be successful and compete at a high level,” Budenholzer said. “He was a smart player who played with intensity and toughness every night and he has gone about coaching the same way.”

Ham played for the Hawks in the 2002-03 season, one of the six teams that he played for in his career. His also has head coaching experience with the NBDL’s New Mexico Thunderbirds.

Coach Bud also hired CSKA Moscow coach Quin Synder to his staff earlier in the week. While there have only been two hirings, these two show the makings of an experienced and savvy staff. The remaining openings on the staff I expect to be filled over the next couple of weeks.

Los Angeles Clippers v Atlanta Hawks

Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

Coming into this season, Jeff Teague had a lot of expectations that he was expected to reach. With Joe Johnson out of the picture, would he be able to run the offense? Could he take that “next step” that is so often talked about of rising players?

While this was Teague’s fourth season, something was often forgotten about Jeff: this was only his second season as a starter, and really his first where he would be operating on a larger leash. Even if he had Devin Harris – and Lou Williams for the first half of the season – to back him up, Teague would still be expected to be the team’s leading playmaker and one of the leading scorers.

Jeff Teague

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ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that Lakers center Dwight Howard and Clippers guard Chris Paul have been in contact about playing for the same team next season.

Obviously this is interesting for the Hawks, as they are one of the few teams that could work their cap number down low enough to sign both Paul and Howard. Any other team in the league (Dallas, Houston) would have to make significant moves involving trades to get to that number. The Hawks, however, are the only team in the league that can get to that number through the simple renouncement of all it’s free agents; they only have Al Horford ($12 million), Lou Williams ($5.25 million), John Jenkins ($1.25 million), and their two first round draft picks (about $1.3 million a piece) as committed salaries for next season.

To be perfectly clear, this scenario is still highly unlikely. Even if Dwight and Paul want to play together, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be next season. Sources indicated that CP3 would much rather stay in Los Angeles, and that Howard still shows hesitation towards playing for his hometown team. Nevertheless, it is a fun hypothetical to think about between now and the start of the free agency period.

hh-logo-DRAFTThere is much belief that the Hawks will look to select a big man in the upcoming draft with one of their consecutive selections in the first round. This should hold true regardless of what manifests during the upcoming free agency period. So with that, Danny Ferry will be looking at which prospects fit around the current franchise centerpiece Al Horford. Louisville’s Gorgui Dieng appears to be a more complimentary fit in comparison to other potential mid-round prospects such as Kelly Olynyk or Mason Plumlee. The possible synergy that could exist between Dieng and Horford on the floor makes him easily one of the best options for Hawks to draft out of the mid-round front court talent pool.

Measurements: The first thing to take note of is Gorgui’s age. Being 23, he is one of the oldest prospects in the draft. Conjointly, he is probably one of the most skilled players that could go in the middle of the first round, meaning he’ll be one of the more “NBA ready” guys that the Hawks can take.¬†Dieng’s body measures in accordance to the lanky shot blocker mold that is becoming a more familiar commodity around the NBA. He is 6′ 10.75″ tall, with a nice 7′ 3.5″ wingspan. This kind of height and length could very easily translate into him being a solid shot blocker and defender around the rim at the next level. Continue Reading…

NBA Preseason Atlanta Hawks at Indiana Pacers

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

For an NBA team, spacing is a helluva drug.

When the Hawks traded for Korver last July, it signaled the ultimate end of isolation plays. Sure, you could say that trading Joe Johnson did that, but this deal was more of the final nail in the coffin. You see, you can’t run an isolation offense when Korver is on your team; he’s simply too good at what he does to let you do that. (as evidenced by his 73-straight games with a three-pointer) With Korver on the roster, the Hawks quickly became one of the most flex-heavy offensive units in the entire league.

Kyle Korver

As I harped on all season, Korver was always Continue Reading…

Two bits of news broke today about the Hawks.

First, the team has made an addition to its coaching staff.

From the Hawks’ press release:

“Quin is an excellent addition to our staff. He has a very strong knowledge of the system that we will implement and his extensive experience will enhance the development and knowledge of our players,” Budenholzer said.

Prior to his stint in Russia, Snyder worked as an Assistant Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers (2011-12) and Philadelphia 76ers (2010-11). From 2007-10, Snyder was Head Coach of the Austin Toros (the NBA Development League affiliate of the San Antonio Spurs), recording a 94-56 (.627) mark, while leading the Toros to three straight playoff appearances and the 2008 NBDL championship game. He was the 2008-09 D-League Coach of the Year.

“I am excited to join Bud’s staff with the Hawks,” Snyder said. “They are creating a system and a culture that I strongly believe in and have seen its success. I look forward to being a part of the organization and contributing to our players’ every day improvement.”

In other news, USA Today reports that the Hawks have been fined for tampering due to their mention of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard in an email. The amount and full details of the fine are still unknown, as the league memo has not been made public.

hh-logo-DRAFTSan Diego State’s Jamaal Franklin is a name that has been linked with the Hawks over the last couple of weeks while the draft process has been picking up. Being picked by the franchise in Draft Express, Sports Illustrated, and Chad Ford’s mock drafts, there is justifiable reason to believe that Franklin could be putting on the blue and red hat on draft night. However, coming from a small-conference west coast school like San Diego State, many don’t know how Franklin may fit with Atlanta’s rebuilding dynamic, let alone if this is potentially a smart selection.

Measurements: Franklin has pretty solid height for a shooting guard at 6′ 5.25″, while boasting a remarkable 6′ 11.25″ wingspan. That kind of pervasive wingspan could aid Franklin if he is found playing marginal minutes at the small forward position, which could also be very helpful to Atlanta if they have a similar roster architecture to last season. His weight could potentially be disturbing at the pro level for the time being, as weighing in at 191 pounds could mean that bigger wing players may have the ability to push Franklin around with relative ease. Continue Reading…


Tolliver had almost no expectations of doing anything coming into this season; he was the last one to make the roster over Damion James and James Anderson. However, due to injuries, he found himself in the rotation for most of the season and was actually a positive asset for the Hawks in the playoffs.

Anthony Tolliver

The stats aren’t really kind to Tolliver and there’s a reason why: he wasn’t exactly a star player. For most of the year, he struggled with his shot and wasn’t a good enough of a rebounder to warrant him getting more minutes. At the time, the Hawks were mostly healthy in the front court, meaning his minutes were few and far between.

After Zaza suffered his Achilles injury, though, Tolliver’s minutes increased. Before the All-Star break, Anthony only played in 34 of 51 possible games and was only averaging 12 minutes per game when he did play. After the break, he played in almost every game and was averaging 20 minutes. Continue Reading…