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The AJC’s Chris Vivlamore broke the news that the Hawks have decided to match the four-year, $32 million offer on Jeff Teague from the Bucks.

This is great news because the Hawks’ other options at guard were Brandon Jennings, Mo Williams, and Aaron Brooks. Not exactly a great class of option Bs.

“We are happy to bring Jeff back to our team. He has improved each year of his career and continues to get better,” Ferry said. “At 25, he’s already been a key contributor on a playoff team and we look forward to seeing him develop into even more of a leader on our team.”

For analysis of Teague’s 2012-13 season in Atlanta, click here.

Atlanta was one of the more entertaining squads Friday in Las Vegas, mainly due to the already budding chemistry of the rookie pair of Dennis Schröder and Lucas Nogueira. Both were relatively unknown commodities before last night in terms of how they could translate to the NBA. However, it became apparent that they communicate well with each other and that they both are talented rookies.

With Schröder, the first thing that immediately became apparent was the control he exercised when in possession of the ball. Dennis’ tight dribble wasn’t something opposing point guard could effortlessly slap away and his passes seemed very crisp and precise. There are a multitude of ways that Dennis can pass the ball, as his different bounce passes and lobs navigated well through different angles. He finished with seven assists and two turnovers, and the numbers were fitting with how he operated the position. So long as that part of the game translates, ball control won’t be much of an issue while Schröder is on the floor. Continue Reading…

The Hawks’ Summer League roster got a boost before the game started with the announcement of Lucas Nogueira being cleared my FIBA.

They carried that momentum for the first quarter, starting off with the Mike Scott-John Jenkins two-man game that the two second year players have worked on relentlessly. The crowd was then treated to a passing display between ATL’s new rookies in Dennis Schröder and Nogueira, who showed a soft touch on the dimes out of the high-post. A combination of mostly Lucas dunks and Jenkins jumpers gave the Hawks a 24-22 advantage at the end of the first quarter.

That progress was soon halted, however. The Clipper started a fury in the transition game, led by Samardo Samuels and DaJuan Summers. It wasn’t quite lob city, but LA used a series of turnovers to run and get easy dunks. A 28-4 run gave the Clippers a 55-37 halftime advantage. The Hawks couldn’t quite recover from this singular run, and eventually dropped the game, 90-83.

The second half gave us some of the most positive highlights from the Hawks in the form of the Schröder-Nogueira pick-and-roll. Lucas showed his best offensive skill in cutting to the basket, and even threw down a thunderous alley-oop on Samuels. Continue Reading…

Lucas Nogueira will play at Las Vegas Summer League, sources tell HawksHoop.

It was questionable whether or not Nogueira would be able to clear the FIBA hurdle he needed in order to play, but that apparently isn’t an issue anymore; he’s in Vegas with the team at Cox Pavilion.

The Hawks will play the Clippers at 6PM EST. The game will be televised on NBA TV. The starting lineup will be Nogueira, Dennis Schröder, Kyle Weems, John Jenkins, and Mike Scott.

You can view the other players on Atlanta’s Summer League roster here.

For the second straight year the Hawks waited until the day before game play to announce the team’s Las Vegas Summer League roster. Here are a couple things to take note of:

  • No sight of Lucas Nogueira sadly, as he wasn’t cleared by FIBA to participate in games according to the Hawks twitter account. He could still be cleared to play later in the week however.
  • Cunningham, Mack, Jenkins, Scott, Schröder, and Muscala are all guys who were either on the Hawks roster last year, or have a contract going into next year. These will be the guys to watch for over the next ten days.
  • Nobody on the roster who could be classified as an “undrafted talent who could actually make an NBA roster.” So don’t expect anything crazy out of the unknown player group.
  • Paul Millsap’s older brother John is on the roster. John played 42 games for the Utah Flash in the NBA D-League in 2007-08, but is mostly on the roster because he is the brother of the team’s big off-season acquisition.
  • Standing at 7’3″ with a condor-like 7’8 wingspan, Boban Marjonovic is easily the most intriguing name on the roster. However, he seems like a skill-less big body that gets run during Summer League simply because he is indeed big. He does have a 9’7″ standing reach though – same as Rudy Gobert – so he will be a fun watch over the next few days.
  • Hawks 2009 second round pick Segiy Gladyr also makes an appearance on the roster. Gladyr also played for the Hawks’ summer league team in 2010 however, so it would take a monumental surprise for him to be on the actual team’s roster anytime soon.

Here is the entire roster.

2013 Atlanta Hawks Summer League Roster
Number Player Pos Ht Wt Birthdate Prior to NBA/Home Country Yrs
1 Jared Cunningham G 6’4″ 194 5/22/1991 Oregon State/USA 1
2 Ed Daniel F 6’7″ 228 6/13/1990 Murray State/USA R
33 Eric Dawson F 6’7″ 255 7/7/1984 Midwestern State/USA 1
11 Sergiy Gladyr G 6’5″ 190 10/17/1989 Baloncesto Fuenlabrada/Ukraine R
12 John Jenkins G 6’5″ 215 3/6/1991 Vanderbilt/USA 1
8 Shelvin Mack G 6’3″ 210 4/22/1990 Butler/USA 2
50 Boban Marjanovic C 7’3″ 271 8/15/1988 Mega Vizura/Serbia R
45 John Millsap F 6’6″ 220 10/19/1982 Texas-San Antonio/USA R
31 Mike Muscala F/C 6’11” 239 7/1/1991 Bucknell/USA R
17 Dennis Schröder G 6’1″ 168 9/15/1993 NY Phantoms/Germany R
32 Mike Scott F 6’8″ 237 7/16/1988 Virginia/USA 1
10 Adonis Thomas F 6’7″ 240 3/25/1993 Memphis/USA R
43 Kyle Weems F 6’6″ 232 8/23/1989 Missouri State/USA R

We’ve been waiting to hear some news about Jeff and it finally came.

The Hawks will have three days to match this offer from Milwaukee, but there are strong indications that this might not happen.

The AJC’s Chris Vivlamore reported that Teague is unhappy in Atlanta, and felt he was “embraced” by Bucks in negotiations.

Vivlamore later clarified that Teague was referring to Atlanta’s front office when he said he didn’t feel embraced.

So, this leaves the Hawks in a bit of a bind; if Teague leaves, they won’t have a starting point guard. A sign-and-trade for Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis is still possible, but we’re still not sure how the Hawks feel about those players. However, that might be the best option, because the other available free agents at PG (Mo Williams, Aaron Brooks) aren’t great players.

Well, if you’re wondering why the Hawks haven’t signed Jeff Teague yet and are looking at Monta Ellis (ew) and Brandon Jennings (super ew), here you go.

According to Grantland’s Zach Lowe, Teague is “almost unwanted in Atlanta, sources say.”

I’m just going to come out and say it… WHY?!?

I get that Jeff can be a bit of an enigma, but when the possible replacements are Ellis and Jennings at a higher salary… you’re just going to have to deal with that.

Jennings’ career FG% is 39.5% and Ellis shot worse on threes last season than Josh Smith, and both of these guys are shoot first players. Considering that neither of them play defense, I don’t see how either of them would be a better option that Teague.

If the Hawks were tanking, I wouldn’t have an issue with this. However, with Horford, Millsap, Korver, and Lou Williams in tow, this isn’t exactly a roster that’s going to lose 60 games. The Hawks also have an extremely flexible payroll, something that quite be the same if they signed Brandon or Monta to a $10+ million contract.

Hopefully these reports about Atlanta’s interest in these two players is just the posturing of agents, and not actually real possibilities.

According to Marc Stein, Zaza Pachulia will be rejoining the Milwaukee Bucks next season. Pachulia is the third Hawks player to sign elsewhere Saturday.

This comes much to the disappointment of Hawks fans as Zaza became a fan favorite over the course of his eight year tenure with the team. It is even more sad seeing how his season came to an end prematurely due to surgery on his right Achilles. Pachulia was known for bringing rock solid play as a role player that came along with an endearing personality. In Milwaukee he will have the opportunity to team up with former Hawks head coach Larry Drew. Zaza and Larry were known to be close, so it wasn’t surprising to see the Bucks make a run at the 29 year old big man. He will certainly be missed by everyone around the organization, and will be well liked in his return to the Bucks.

According to Marc Stein, Devin will be heading back to the team that drafted him.

So, the good news and the bad news. The good is that Devin’s $12 million cap hold comes off the books; the bad, of course, is that Devin Harris was really good last season.

I’m not going to re-invent the wheel here, so here are the past links where I valued what Harris did for the Hawks.

Atlanta will definitely miss his veteran presence and the impact he could have had on Jeff Teague and young PG Dennis Schroeder.

Smoove’s Legacy

Bo Churney —  July 6, 2013

Back in the 2010 free agency period, the argument for re-signing Joe Johnson to that enormous contract was to keep the Hawks’ “core” guys together. They figured that “Core Four” of Johnson, Josh Smith, Al Horford, and Marvin Williams would continue to grow into… well, they thought it would do something.

They did have something resembling a point. Smith and Horford were both on the way up, Johnson was often able to get tough baskets when the team needed them, and Marvin was a decent role player, regardless of what you thought of his contract. That team won 53 games in 2010 and appeared to still be trending up.

Horford is now the only member of that group that is still on the team.

Smith agreed to sign with Detroit this afternoon, pulling down a contract worth $56 million over four years. The move ends Josh’s nine-year run with his hometown Hawks, the team that drafted him out of high school in the 2004 draft. Continue Reading…