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RECAP: Mavs 118, Hawks 109

Bo Churney —  October 31, 2013


DAL(1-0) 118 – 109 (0-1)ATL

Key Performers:
M. Ellis (DAL): 32 pts, 4 reb, 8 ast
J. Teague (ATL): 24 pts, 2 reb, 8 ast, 4 stls

Going into the season, I would have thought the Hawks would have a harder time acclimating to the new offense than the new defense. Well, the offense looked fine, and the defense wasn’t bad… except for the Mavs nailing every jumper they could take. Noted Hawks killer Vince Carter was hitting circus shots, and Monta Ellis shot 9-for-13 on jumpers outside of the paint. The Hawks defense could still use some adjustments, but it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

Reaction Grades: [assessed 0-10]

Al Horford: If Al’s going to be the leader of this team, he’s going to have to be more assertive offensively. He only took 12 shots on the night and on a couple of possessions, he passed up open jumpers. Defensively, he was a stud (five steals, four blocks), and most of the Hawks’ defensive problems weren’t related to his play. 6/10

Paul Millsap: If Josh Smith had the mind of Paul Millsap… anyways, Paul had a strong offensive showing (20 points), playing a strong brand of basketball in the paint. He had some trouble guarding Dirk Nowitzki, but then again, who doesn’t have problems doing that? 7.5/10

DeMarre Carroll: DeMarre had 14 points on the night, mostly from cuts to the basket that resulted in either a bucket or a chance at the foul line. Carroll’s sudden and quick movements off the ball are going to be a huge asset for the Hawks this season, even if that brand of basketball results in some bruises. 7.5/10

Jeff Teague: Teague was money for the first two-and-a-half quarters, where he had 20 points, eight assists, and only three turnovers. After that, he was a disaster, committing three more turnovers and constantly getting lost in Dallas’s pick-and-rolls. (he finished with a team worst +/- of minus-24) Teague kept trying to be aggressive, but it just stopped working for him. He showed some promise in the first half on defending the pick-and-roll, but he has to be able to do that for a full game. 7/10

Kyle Korver: Korver didn’t extend his three-point streak until late in the game, but he finally got to 74 straight after hitting a three to make it 102-92 in the fourth. Dallas did a good job of containing Kyle off the ball, as he didn’t have too many good looks on shots. 4/10 Continue Reading…

HawksHoop Full Season Preview

Bo Churney —  October 29, 2013

We have now released previews for all 30 teams, just in time for the start of the regular season. If you missed any, here they all are!











New York













Golden State



LA Clippers


Oklahoma City

LA Lakers




New Orleans



San Antonio



2012-13 Record: 33-49 (11th in West)z-blazers

Playoff Result: N/A

Key Additions: CJ McCollum (draft), Robin Lopez (trade), Dorell Wright (free agent), Thomas Robinson (trade), Mo Williams (free agent)

Key Losses: JJ Hickson (free agent and probably the best thing they could have done)

Predicted 2013-14 Record: 42-40 (8th in West)*

What to Expect: Despite how much I detest JJ Hickson for his defense, Portland actually had a good starting lineup last year. LaMarcus Aldridge is one of the best power forwards in the league, putting up at least 20 points and eight rebounds in each of the last three seasons. Damian Lillard came onto the scene and quickly established himself as a quality point guard with his winning of rookie of the year. Wes Matthews isn’t a great shooting guard, but he’s not bad either. And while Nicolas Batum might not stick out to most people, he does a little bit of everything and is very solid wing player.

So the Blazers had four solid pieces in their starting lineup. So what was wrong?

Depth. Portland had none of it. Continue Reading…

HH Team Preview: Phoenix Suns

Cole Patty —  October 29, 2013

2012-13 Record: 25-57 (15th in West)z-suns

Playoff Result: N/A

Key Additions: Eric Bledsoe (trade), Alex Len (draft), Archie Goodwin (draft), Emeka Okafor (trade)

Key Losses: Jared Dudley (trade), Michael Beasley (cut), Marcin Gortat (trade)

Predicted 2013-14 Record: 26-56, pre-Gortat trade (15th in West)*

What to Expect: It’s a new day, the sun is rising….

That was a terrible pun…

Going with it.

Last season, the Phoenix Suns might have been the most unwatchable team in the league. With the departure of Steve Nash, the team tried a rebuild on the fly with a Michael Beasely reclamation project that went exactly how it sounds. They fired Alvin Gentry, picked up the other Morris twin in a savvy move to complete their package, and made the other Zeller relevant for a short amount of time. Despite all of these efforts it was much of the same under Lindsey Hunter. At least Goran Dragic seems like a bargain at $7.5 million. It wasn’t all bad last year. Continue Reading…

HH Team Preview: Utah Jazz

Raj Prashad —  October 29, 2013

2012-13 Record: 43-39 (9th in West)z-utah

Playoff Result: N/A

Key Additions: Trey Burke (draft), Rudy Gobert (draft), John Lucas III (free agent), Andris Biedrins (trade), Richard Jefferson (trade), Brandon Rush (trade)

Key Losses: Paul Millsap (free agent), Al Jefferson (free agent), Mo Williams (free agent), DeMarre Carroll (free agent), Randy Foye (trade)

Predicted 2013-14 Record: 28-54 (14th in West)*

What to Expect: After being right on the cusp of the playoffs in 2013, those in charge decided it’s time to go with the young guys starting in 2014.

They’ll be a much different team and will surely have their growing pains in the new season. Gone are not only Millsap, but Jefferson as well from Utah’s frontcourt. Enes Kanter will step in for Jefferson and much like his predecessor, he’s an offensively skilled big man. Unlike Jefferson, he’s got an outside-in game. He can work the midrange, but he also has the touch to work in the post. Kanter also has the size and technique to attack the glass. Derrick Favors also gives the Jazz a different look on both ends of the court. He’s a 22-year-old, 6-10 forward who can run the floor and finish at the rim. He’s also arguably the best defender on the team. Continue Reading…

2012-13 Record: 20-62 (15th in East)z-magic

Playoff Result: N/A

Key Additions: Victor Oladipo (draft)

Key Losses: None. Seriously, they lost no one important.

Projected 2013-14 Record: 25-57 (14th in East)*

What to expect: The Magic are going to be bad. Like so bad. Like “OH DEAR LORD YOU’RE ON ANOTHER LOSING STREAK!?” kind of bad. They won’t be the worst team in the NBA this season however, that’s going to go to the Sixers or Suns. As bad as they’ll be, the Magic should still be pretty fun this season. With all of their young players a little older and a little more experienced they should have a better idea of how to play at the NBA level. There were times last season where the offense would go stagnant, less of that should happen this season.

Harris finally got his chance to shine last season after being traded from the Bucks at the trade deadline; his minutes per game went from 11 minutes to 36 a game and in the process his scoring went from five points a game to 17 a game. Continue Reading…

2012-13 Record: 34-48 (10th in East)z-toronto

Playoff Result: N/A

Key Additions: Masai Ujiri (GM), Dwight Buycks (free agent), Tyler Hansbrough (free agent), DJ. Augustin (free agent)

Key Losses: Andrea Bargnani (trade)

Projected 2013-14 Record: 36-46 (9th in East)*

What to Expect: The Raptors are a very hit or miss team, one vying for a Playoff spot while also looking to rebuild under new GM Masai Ujiri. Ujiri made his first big splash running the Raptors with his pulling off of the Andrea Bargnani deal, robbing the Knicks (damn it) of three picks when he’d be happy to give up “Bargs” for nothing in return. A first step of what’s sure to be many strong moves made by one of the league’s brightest front office minds.

Now as for Toronto’s on-court play, it’s really a coin flip. This team will be battling it out for the final three seeds in the Eastern Conference at it’s peak and simply has too much talent to bottom out in the league and score a top draft pick and their basement. Whether or not they make the Playoffs will be contingent on mainly 2 things: Injuries and Rudy Gay. Gay came under heavy fire year-round as inefficient high-volume FGA machine, but even as his numbers remained virtually the same as a Raptor after his trade to Toronto he turned things around for the team in certain occasions. Continue Reading…

The Hawks have made what appears to be the final adjustments to their roster by cutting Royal Ivey and Eric Dawson. With these two cuts the Hawks roster has been trimmed down to 15. It’s possible the Hawks make one final cut before the season as Danny Ferry usually likes the flexibility of an extra roster space being available, but at the moment it looks like the 15 we see is what we’re going to get at the beginning of the season.

This final roster is a little questionable on the defensive end. While they have a few quality defenders in Horford and Carroll I think the defense will probably be average to above average for the season. This roster is going to be a lot better than last season on offense, less spacing issues, more incentive to move and keep the ball moving. Should be very fun to watch.

Current Roster:

Pero Antic F
Gustavo Ayon C
Elton Brand C/F
DeMarre Carroll F
Jared Cunningham G
Al Horford C/F
John Jenkins G
Kyle Korver G
Shelvin Mack G
Cartier Martin G
Paul Millsap F
Dennis Schröder G
Mike Scott F
Jeff Teague G
Louis Williams G

That is your 2013-2014 Atlanta Hawks!

Hawks Finish Preseason 1-6

Bo Churney —  October 24, 2013

The Hawks’ entire starting lineup (Teague, Korver, Carroll, Millsap, and Horford) sat out last night for the Hawks’ final preseason game against the Mavericks.

We should have expected a blowout against Dirk and company, right?

Dallas won 98-88, but the ATL reserves were able to keep it closer than one might expect. Dennis Schröder finally flashed some scoring ability and was the game’s leading scorer with 21 points. He did it in a multitude of ways, hitting catch-and-shoot jumpers, off the dribble jumpers, and finishing in the lane through traffic. He committed seven turnovers, but that’s not too surprising for a 20 year old making his first start. Defensively, he had two steals and four fouls, but he still disrupted Ellis and Calderon a lot. He’s gonna be tons of fun this year for the Hawks off the bench.

Mike Scott was flashing all of his offensive skills again, scoring 19 points and only committing one turnover. He even looked capable on defense at times, keeping Dirk in-check for some possessions. There were also some possessions where he didn’t keep his opponent in-check; it’s still a work in progress. Scott finishes the preseason with an average of 12 points in just 18.9 minutes per game. Continue Reading…

2012-13 Record: 54-28 (2nd in East)z-knicks

Playoff Result: Lost in 2nd Round

Key Additions: Metta World Peace (free agent), Andrea Bargnani (trade), Tim Hardaway Jr. (draft)

Key Losses: Chris Copeland (free agent), Jason Kidd (retirement)

Projected 2013-14 Record: 44-38 (6th in East, aka Bo doesn’t trust them)*

What to expect: Am I allowed to say in the “what to expect” section that nobody is exactly sure what to expect? The Knicks are going to be a team that could be so many things. Everything could fall apart. Injuries could hit, the team could tune out Mike Woodson, losses pile up, they miss the playoffs and before you know it Carmelo Anthony is opting out of the final year of his contract and going elsewhere. Things could also go very far into the Knicks favor. Iman Shumpert can make a jump that turns him into a legit 2nd best player on an NBA team, Tyson Chandler can be the Defensive Player of the Year once again, Amare Stoudemire can embrace his 6th man role and lead the 2nd unit with J.R. Smith, creating a strong bench for the Knicks, and Melo could go ballistic to win the MVP. Obviously these are both extremes and both is unlikely to happen. What you have to do with the Knicks is find that good middle ground that fits them. Continue Reading…