2014 Review: Dennis Schröder

Chris Barnewall —  June 17, 2014

After capturing basketball fans hearts during summer league, there was a lot of excitement for Dennis Schröder’s rookie season. Schröder was supposed to be the future point guard of the Hawks. After Jeff Teague’s contract ran out, Schröder would be able to take the reigns. It’s where this excitement for his potential led to expectations for his rookie season getting a little high.

Schröder started off the season well, being featured in a lot of dual point guard lineups with Teague thanks to his tenacious defense. However, his shooting never improved. This and opposing teams getting a scouting report out on the rookie led to an extended rough patch for Schröder. His lack of ability to space the floor and struggles to run the offense led to Schröder being taken out of the rotation. He just wasn’t effective enough on offense to justify him being part of the rotation when players like Shelvin Mack were playing so well.

This time out of the rotation ended up being good for Schröder. He was able to learn from those around him and let the game slow down. After injuries started to plague the Hawks, Schröder got a chance to earn his way back into the rotation. The game was slower for him, while he didn’t play in as many dual point guard lineups, he was able to come into the game and make an impact with his passing and defense.

Schröder finished the season in the rotation, but didn’t see much action during the playoffs, only playing seven minutes. His rookie season was a major disappointment when looking at the expectations he came into the season with. However, when adjusting the expectations a little, it’s not as bad as it appears. Was it still disappointing? Definitely. Schröder was completely out of the rotation at one point and on a very short leash when he did get to play. This was massively disappointing for a guy people thought would have an impact. However, he showed promise at the end of the season and there were definitely improvements. He finished the season with a very poor PER of 5.8 and a a True Shooting percentage of 41%. His shooting is in definite need of some work. There’s no reason to put a lot into his 22% Turnover percentage because the majority of rookie point guards have high turnover percentages.

Schröder’s season was disappointing but there were flashes of an NBA point guard sprinkled here and there. No reason to believe he can’t further improve. It would be ludicrous to say he has no chance at being an NBA point guard after one season, the sample size is too small. However, the hopes that he’s on a crash course to being the new point guard of the future may have been misguided. Time will tell what kind of player Schröder will be, but as far as his 2014 season goes it was disappointing.

Chris Barnewall


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