A Look at Kyle Korver’s Streak

David Vertsberger —  March 25, 2013

Kyle Korver has evolved himself into one the best role players in the entire league for this Atlanta Hawks team, so much so that he’s fourth on the team in minutes allocated this year. His major improvement in the recent stages of his career has come on the defensive end, which developed during his two years as a Chicago Bull under coach Tom Thibodeau. His primary skill for a basketball team is his deadliness from long-distance though, and that’s where he’s crept closer and closer to history this season.

Korver has made one or more treys in his past 63 contests, which ranks fourth since 1986. The three-point arc was instituted for the first time in the 1980 season, so there is a small gap here. the streaks ahead of Korver are:

  • Reggie Miller, 68 games (11/15/96 to 4/6/97)
  • Dennis Scott, 89 games (5/12/95 to 4/4/96)
  • Dana Barros, 89 games (12/23/94 to 1/10/96)

Korver’s streak began on the second game of this season, and he’s shot 45.8% from downtown on the year. This percentage is good for the second-highest mark he’s put up for a season in his career, and is higher than Reggie Miller’s and Dennis Scott’s best season clip. Korver’s shooting has been consistent from everywhere behind the arc as well, with no location spitting out less than a 40.5% shooting percentage. He’s been very much a go-to option on offense, there’s hardly a set where you won’t see him curling off one or two screens. 33.1% of his offense come with him running off a screen, per SynergySports. He has an impressive catch-and-fire speed that’s only matched by maybe a small handful of players around the league, and he’s only had one stretch during the season that can be remotely considered a slump. In 5 straight games that were played in just under a week in the beginning portion of March, Korver didn’t put up over a 33% shooting exhibition from downtown in any of those contests.

So, how far can this streak continue? With 12 games to go on the Hawks schedule in the regular season, so it’s safe to assume that Korver’s streak can extend to 74, leaving Reggie Miller in the dust. This streak does account for Playoffs games, so Kyle will need to continue bombing treys come the postseason. Following, Korver will become a free agent, and since these streaks do carry over between seasons, in order to break Scott’s or Barros’s records, Korver will have to keep this up next year. Actually, if the Hawks play 6-game series all the way through to the Eastern Conference Finals, Korver can take the lead in the Championship round, which is unlikely.

These are all assumptions that one team won’t shut Korver down by then, so i decided to have a look at which teams are allowing the least amount of three-point attempts this season:

  • Chicago Bulls – 15.9 Opp 3PA per 48 minutes
  • Indiana Pacers – 16.4 Opp 3PA per 48 minutes
  • Brooklyn Nets – 17.2 Opp 3PA per 48 minutes

Korver finds himself unlucky here, as all three teams listed above are ones that the Hawks are very likely to meet in the first round of the Playoffs. When looking at his production against these teams this season, Korver dropped under his season average of 3PA per night against Brooklyn (4 games) and Chicago, (3 games) while going well beyond it against Indiana. (3 games)

All in all this streak is one that can likely end with one off game for Korver. He’s yet to play a game this season with less than 2 attempts from long range, so he’s getting his shots. Nevertheless, whenever it ends, it’s certainly very impressive and should be noted as so.

David Vertsberger


5 responses to A Look at Kyle Korver’s Streak

  1. On the three point streaks (Korver) 2 tied at 89; Reggie… then who? Game notes says he’s 5th

    • David Vertsberger March 30, 2013 at 1:55 pm

      I noticed the game notes said that too. Probably someone in the gap between 1980 and 1986, no clue who though.

  2. I don’t know of any NBA regular season record that carries over to playoffs. That is not fair to players whose teams do not make the playoffs? Please check this record?

    • David Vertsberger March 30, 2013 at 1:56 pm

      Not what I meant. If a player’s team misses the Playoffs, the streak is continued. I did research on this record being of any games played, regular season or Playoffs.

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