Audio Tape of Ferry’s Conference Call Released

Bo Churney —  September 11, 2014

As obtained by the AJC’s Chris Vivlamore, the audio from the now infamous conference call paints a bit of a different picture in this whole saga.

The main point: Ferry’s alleged “read off a report” excuse is now certainly out of the window.

After discussing New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, the subject quickly changed to then free agent Luol Deng, who Ferry described as “having a little African in him”, later suggested that Deng’s perceived attributes are just a counterfeit of the real player.

While many, including Adam Silver, thought that Ferry’s in-house discipline was enough when it was believed that he was reading off of a prepared, third-party scouting report, Ferry keeping his job at this point is certainly outrageous. That might also go for the rest of the parties on the call, as they endorsed the culture in which a comment like this could be said. That includes the man who recorded the call, Michael Gearon Jr, who as Adrian Wojnarowski described “is no whistle-blowing hero for racial justice, just as Ferry is no victim for falling into the trap.”

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7 responses to Audio Tape of Ferry’s Conference Call Released

  1. Priest Lauderdale September 11, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    Even if Danny was somehow a victim of a misunderstanding or poor judgment or whatever…at this point there is no way he keeps his job and the Atlanta Hawks are able to attract any player worth having. Its unfortunate, because I think he was building the team the right way. At this point, the only management-level folks I see keeping their jobs are Coach Bud and Koonin. I think we will finally be rid of the seven-headed serpent. They have destroyed basketball and hockey in this city and are long overdue for removal. But it looks like they’re going out messier than even I expected.

    If Danny is our GM by the start of the season, the Hawks will be damaged in the eyes of the players and the fans.

  2. The last lines of the article are true, in his zealousness to get rid of Ferry, Gearon has damaged the entire franchise and should be equally punished. He is not a hero and has released info continuosly to try to further bury Levenson and Ferry. Ferry has did more for the Hawks than any GM in my memory but this might be his fatal error. I just don’t see how Gearon isn’t being portrayed more in his true light in the media though. He is a snake that has tried to undermine anyone who had more power within the ownership group and has successfully set the franchise back years with his and the other owners constant bickering and stupid decisions. His last great act will be bringing down what was really shaping up to be a good management structure for the Hawks. I am sure that this isn’t the worst thing that a GM has said about a player but it is the most public in a very over politically correct world. I do ask though Bo that you add to your article all of the facts and that would be that Ferry lobbied the ownership to make a 40 million dollar offer to Deng which is 20 million more than he got in Miami but was refused. So by this I do somewhat doubt that this is coming straight from Danny Ferry’s mouth and not from some unseen report, otherwise why if he had these beliefs about this player would he try to lobby ownership to sign him for more money than anybody else was offering? Give a fair shake to the guy he is in a tight spot by his own making but I ask that you tell all sides when reporting and not just pile on as some have in the media.

  3. One other thing I don’t think that the Hawks are going to attract a player in the elite category with or without Ferry. Team concept and building through the draft are the only way that Atlanta gets better, the Hawks aren’t a desirable team to come to in free agency unless you are looking to prove yourself as Paul Milsap has or get into a better position to increase your earnings as Joe Johnson did. Top players want to go to big markets that have a great fan base and we do not have that here in Atlanta. I have seen it many times from athletes, Atlanta is a great place to live but it is not where I prefer to play. Either that or tradition just won out so I decided to sign for less elsewhere.

    • Priest Lauderdale September 12, 2014 at 5:23 am

      Got to disagree about the fan base. We’ve proven to be a great fan base when the product is worth supporting. We’ve had crap ownership and the players know that. They don’t want to be a part of this mess. Who buys out Levenson (and hopefully the rest) will determine whether or not we become the destination team we should be or remain a mid level team in a major market.

  4. Best response yet had to share, borrowed this from ESPN’s comment section:

    Kyle Benbow Sr. · Top Commenter · Research Assistant (RA) at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
    Look, as a black person…no scratch that…an a person period, I realize there are things that will be said that are offensive to me and people who are like me. It happens. Ignorance is a part of life and unfortunately stereotypes will continue to infect social structure as long as people exist.

    That being said, every time somebody says something offensive, a lynch mob shouldn’t come following demanding their job. I don’t know Danny Ferry personally, but I doubt someone who has been around the game of basketball this long is a deep down racist. Yes what he said was ignorant but to pretend I haven’t said worst about people not like me, albeit, white people, Asian people, women (all men are guilty of this), old people, kids, or whoever. Ignorant things sometimes get said. It doesn’t define your character or you as a person. It simply meant, you said something ignorant. That’s what people do.

    Unity can’t be created by constant arguing of what and what can’t be said by whatever person. True unity comes by coming together to be constructive, not to finger-point and blame. The War against racism can’t be fought like the War on Drugs. You just can’t shame all racist people and people who make racist comments away or it only creates more animosity. For “racism” to be overcome there must open communication and some sort of goal or it just turns into “Your people did that to my people” “Well your people do this” which only continues the cycle of hatred.

    Danny Ferry as a black person…no as an individual/human being, I don’t condone what you said, but I understand it wasn’t meant to be malicious or discriminative. Just an ignorant comment. It happens. Apologize and let’s move on.

  5. The Hawks are trying to do it like the last season of Boardwalk Empire. Nobody goes quietly!

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