Box Score Analysis: Hawks Fall to Pistons, 104-88

Bo Churney —  October 27, 2012


This isn’t going to be a normal recap, since the game wasn’t on TV and I wasn’t able to watch it, but there are some of the things I took out of the box score:

  • Yikes, Tolliver, Scott, and James! The three went a combined 4 for 22, which is not something to be proud of, unless you are Monta Ellis. (Monta is currently riding a 4 for 30 stretch) It’s a good thing that all three of these guys are, in my opinion, safe from a roster cut, because none of these guys had a performance that you want to end the preseason on.
  • Three of Josh’s nine shot attempts were long twos. The preseason may be a small sample size, but it still doesn’t look like Josh has kicked this habit of long jumpers. That’s not a good sign for him, nor the Hawks.
  • More bad news: the team shot 40% (30-75) overall, had 20 turnovers, and allowed the Pistons to shoot over 50%. Come on Hawks; you’re not the Bobcats.
  • Some good news: the team was 10-22 on three pointers, led by Kyle Korver and Lou Williams. Williams had a good game on offense, with 17 points on ten shots. He and Korver, though, had a total of seven giveaways.
  • Thoughts on the opposition: Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond played well, which is good news if you’re a Detroit fan. Those two players are certainly the future in Detroit, and could grow into a rather fearsome duo. Watch out for these two in the coming years, NBA!

One final highlight!

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