Hawks interested in Monroe? Probably not

Bo Churney —  May 7, 2014

Marc Stein recently reported that there were some “rumbles” that the Hawks could lob themselves into the bidding for restricted free agent Greg Monroe.

“There have been some recent rumbles on the personnel grapevine that the Hawks will lob themselves into the bidding for Detroit Pistons restricted free agent Greg Monroe. The close ties between Monroe’s agent, David Falk, and Falk’s former star client Ferry make such rumbles inevitable. Whether that chatter morphs into full-fledged courtship remains to be seen.”

Possible agent based talk that has a positive influence on a client? Well I have never seen that happen before!

There are two sides to this: on one hand, you have a report from Marc Stein, who is one of the most connected journalists in the business. On the other hand, I will always be skeptical of reports involving agents because an agent’s job is to make their client look as desirable as possible.

The way I see this is that Monroe is a very good power forward/center, but the Hawks already have Paul Millsap and Al Horford under contract. Unless the Hawks trade away Millsap — which does not seem likely right now — for a non-big, what would be the point of tendering an offer to Monroe? He’s a good player, but unless there’s an opening at the starting PF or C position, I just cannot see Atlanta making an offer.

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6 responses to Hawks interested in Monroe? Probably not

  1. Acquiring Monroe now would be a stroke of genius. Greg plays off the bench in year one getting plenty of burn backing up both AL and Paul. Twelve months from now, Paul Millsap walks away in Free Agency. We’d have his replacement already in-house in G-Monroe.

    We need depth at Center short-term. We need a replacement for Millsap in the long-term. Monroe fills both of those needs.

    • That would be a great idea… if you can convince a 24 year old potential all-star to come off of the bench during the beginning of his prime playing years.

      • I honestly think he’d jump at the chance to play next to All Stars, in a stable organization, for a playoff team, for a higher salary than he’s ever had, in a great city for young African-American millionaires.

        I don’t even think it’d be a hard sale after the debacle that has been the Pistons organizations.

        Knowing that he’s the future star of a playoff team filled with hard working vets: Priceless

        • I still think it’s a long shot, but as I said, I don’t hate the idea; I just don’t think it’s feasible.

        • What about Denver Nuggets, Washington Wizards, Phoenix Suns? All offer quality point guards and can offer a prominent roll on offense while competing for the playoffs.

  2. I like the move. Monroe would be a great fit and having the three-pronged front-court attack and insurance should Al Horford go down again. The Hawks have always needed a consistent inside presence and playing with a stud of a point guard in Jeff Teague will be a welcomed sight in replacement of the inconsistent shoot first point guards he is accustomed to.

    This probably is all for not considering he will be in high demand and should get plenty of opportunities to pair with other premier point guards.

    I am more interested in the hawks draft. I think Cleanthony Early will be a great addition to this team, giving them an infusion of athleticism and length on the perimeter. He should be an immediate contributor who will only add to their defensive identity as well as provide a running mate to Teague on the break.