Hawks Owner Called for Ferry’s Resignation

Bo Churney —  September 9, 2014

If the situation with the Hawks’ ownership and front office was not already strange enough, things took a significant turn Monday night when WSB TV’s Zach Klein acquired a letter from Hawks owner Michael Gearon Jr. asking for Danny Ferry’s resignation in June.

The letter fills in a lot of voids that existed in the story up until that point. An excerpt:

ferry comments

The full letter can be seen here.

This is extremely damning evidence against, not only Ferry, but the entire Hawks organization. As mentioned earlier, every positive step the organization had taken recently has vanished over the last two days. Certainly this story is far from over and more information will be posted on HawksHoop as soon as more becomes known.

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4 responses to Hawks Owner Called for Ferry’s Resignation

  1. No way Ferry survives this.

    He can’t attract Free Agents here in the future with that stench all over him. Regardless of whose words they were.

    • Free Agents will go wherever the money is, this won’t affect teh Hawks in free agency. Most pro athletes would play for the devil if he paid them enough.

  2. Michael Gearon is trying to bring down the organization by releasing this to the media. He is like the kid that didn’t get to shoot on the basketball court so he is taking his ball and going home. He wants to be in charge and Ferry wouldn’t let him make decisions like he could with Billy Knight and Sund in charge so he tries to bury him through the media. Great job Mike hope you enjoy those millions that you get from the new owner because you have lost all credibility with future employees. Learn the first rule of business handle your problems internally.

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