Hawks Pick Up Option for Schröder, Decline on Jenkins

Bo Churney —  October 31, 2014

According to Mark Deeks of ShamSports and later confirmed by Jason Walker of Peachtree Hoops, the Hawks have picked up Dennis Schröder’s third year on his rookie contract, but declined to pick up a fourth year on John Jenkins.

This is not too surprising. Schröder is just 21 and still has a lot of potential with his combination of athleticism and body type. Jenkins, who will turn 24 this season, has not been impressive recently. Part of that is due to a back injury he suffered last season, but he still has not recovered to the form he showed in his rookie season. The fourth year of a rookie contract usually containing a significant raise did not help Jenkins’ cause.

What this means is that the Hawks have a lot more faith in Kent Bazemore than they do in John Jenkins. While Bazemore still has a lot of refining to do with his offensive game, he is at least able to make an effect on defense when he’s not scoring, something that Jenkins cannot do.

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2 responses to Hawks Pick Up Option for Schröder, Decline on Jenkins

  1. Buddy called this earlier in the week. I can’t believe we didn’t bother to pick up Jenkins option. by all accounts, he outplayed Bazemore in pre-season and scrimmages.

    With every passing month, I lose more faith in the leadership of this organization.

    From tossing away Bebe for scraps and cap space.

    Failure to lure in top free agents with said cap space, yet again.

    Drafting a low-ceiling, ready-to-contribute player in Adreian, only to leave him inactive at the start of the season…presumably because he’s NOT ready to contribute.

    Ferry’s fiasco in the direct aftermath of Sterling drama.

    In three drafts under Danny Ferry, with four first round picks…not one of them has developed into a solid rotation player. That is very, very bad.

    It’s really tough to be a Hawks fan.

    • I mean, John shot well in preseason, but since when is outplaying Kent Bazemore grounds for applause?

      I really feel like John lost any chance he had at getting his option picked up when Butler had that 20 point 4th quarter. I don’t know if that’s fair or not, but that’s kinda my gut feeling.