HawksHoop Hangout: The Offseason

Bo Churney —  May 19, 2013

We will be going live at 1PM to discuss the last series against the Pacers, the current search for a head coach, and of course, free agency!

Bo Churney

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5 responses to HawksHoop Hangout: The Offseason

  1. I gotta say, I took the Pacers domination over the Knicks in a different direction as most of you.

    I look at it as vindication of what Drew was able to pull out of this team in the postseason. Pacers have proven themselves as the 2nd best team in the East and a top 5 team in the league.

    We at least put a scare into them without Zaza or Lou Will.

    I like Drew, but him starting Korver at SF opposite Paul George was foolish. Cost us Game 1.
    Tanking the last three games of the regular season was ill-advised also.

    I say bring back Drew, sign Pek or AL Jefferson and let’s give it another shot.

  2. Something you all didn’t discuss when debating over Lou or Zaza was what having Zaza in the starting line-up could do for the Hawks defensively. Starting Zaza would allow the Hawks to put Smith on George, which seemed to work well. Also, then the Hawks would have had Korver or Harris providing points off the bench. Albeit, neither are not as consistently explosive as Lou, but I think having Smith on George and Zaza instead of Petro or Tolliver would have been huge.

    Discussion on the coach situation in regards to Budenholzer: “Pop is going to stay on that bench for five more years.” What? No. He has said repeatedly that he will leave when Duncan does. Budenholzer knows that he will have that job probably after next season unless Duncan signs on for another year or two, but lets be real, Duncan will leave gracefully so probably after next year.

    Also, even if you don’t agree with the idea, I think it is awful to not mention Bynum when discussing free agents.

    Outside of these things, I enjoyed the conversation.

    • Man, I’m afraid of Bynum.

      He is a franchise wrecker.

      • That is a fair thing to be fearful of in regards to Bynum. The same could be said of Dwight Howard though. I was just merely pointing to the fact that no one on this blog has even mentioned his name when discussing possible free agent targets and I am sure that Ferry has at least considered Bynum (however, to what extent I don’t know). I just find it so odd that everyone is so quick to talk about Chris Paul and Dwight Howard when the probabilities of them leaving their current teams for Atlanta are slim. Bynum will most certainly not be going back to Philadelphia and is a young center, which Ferry has time and again said he wanted. He at least needs to be in the current dialogue.

        Lastly, in my original post, “awful” was quite an overstatement in regards to not discussing Bynum. Maybe… I think it’s a shame.

        • i kind of have Peckovich and AL Jefferson rated higher than Bynum.

          Andrew’s mindset makes it a risky proposition to give him a multi-million dollar deal.

          He strikes me as only in it for the money.