HawksHoop Preview: Game 5

Buddy Grizzard —  April 28, 2014 — 4 Comments

When a team loses a single-possession game, there are normally several plays that could have changed the outcome. In the first half of Game 4, one play that stood out was a Roy Hibbert layup with 5:09 remaining to put the Pacers ahead 37-35. Hibbert was initially tied up by Paul Millsap. The ref must either call a travel or a jump ball in that situation. This isn’t Vietnam, there are rules. Millsap had no chance to contest the second shot, so the referees essentially awarded the Pacers two points on this possession.

The other play that stood out in the first half was a bad decision by Jeff Teague. On Twitter before and during the game, I really hyped Teague’s opportunity to take a further step into the national spotlight by leading his team to a win that would place his team on the cusp of an historic series upset. After Mike Scott’s three to put the Hawks up 46-37 with two minutes to play in the half, Teague appeared ready to take over.

Teague blew by Paul George’s weak steal attempt for a layup and 48-38 Hawks lead with 1:21 to play in the half. I always emphasize closing out quarters, halves and games by nursing or extending a lead, or whittling away at a deficit if a team is trailing. When a team is up 10 just before halftime, clock management becomes critical to maintaining that lead.

After David West made a tough basket in the post over Millsap to draw the Pacers within 48-40 with a minute left, Teague made the worst decision of the game, possibly of his career. Teague decided to launch a one-man fast break and drove right into a double team, attempting an awkward reverse layup. George Hill and Luis Scola contested at the rim and Teague missed with 20 precious seconds remaining on the shot clock.

West rebounded as Teague sprawled out of bounds and got it to Hill, who sped past three Hawks and found Lance Stephenson for an emphatic jam. This drew the Pacers within 48-42 which would be the score as the halftime buzzer sounded. Instead of nursing the Hawks’ 8-point lead, Teague tried to play hero ball and helped the other team score a crucial transition basket.

Now you might say, “Okay, Teague maybe cost his team a 2-point basket. They still lost by three so what difference does it make?” The answer is that there’s a huge difference between being down three at the end of a game and needing a 3-pointer to tie and being down only one with the opportunity to score from anywhere on the floor and win the game. Teague didn’t know that his attempt at hero ball might cost his team the series, but with home court given back to the Pacers, it very well may have.

Obviously one of the major turning points in the game was when Millsap picked up his 4th foul with 9:40 to play in the 3rd and had to leave the game. Millsap was called for two quick fouls within seconds of each other. The first foul was highly questionable, especially since it was preceded by a very obvious shove in Millsap’s chest by West. After the second, Millsap raised his hand and admitted guilt.

This ignited a 14-3 run for the Pacers. I’m not going to delve into any paranoid theories about the dark, sinister motives of the refs (try to contain your disappointment). My concern here is that I enjoy watching games where the outcome is decided by basketball players, not referees.

That brings us to the dumpster fire that was the final minutes of the game for the Hawks. If my nitpicking of every decision by the involved parties (something I vowed to do in my series preview) disturbs you, you may want to avert your eyes. Yes, Teague had two horrible possessions ending in turnovers. But the real question for me is, why is Mike Scott playing in crunch time? He’s consistently out of position defensively and shot 4-for-15 for the game. Was Mike Budenholzer hoping that Scott would suddenly catch fire in the closing moments of a tight playoff game?

And how good would Ivan Johnson look playing Scott’s minutes right now? I’m the guy who suggested importing winning culture from the San Antonio Spurs organization before Danny Ferry was hired as general manager. Nobody got a pass from me then and nobody gets one now. Simply put, Scott has turned into the Johan Petro of this series for the Hawks. Elton Brand and Pero Antic aren’t doing much on offense, but at least they aren’t maiming the Hawks defensively.

At this point, Scott must either break out of his shooting slump and help Atlanta win a game or he will end up as one of the largest contributing factors in a series loss. Sorry for piling on but this is the playoffs. I was an advocate for tanking from the moment Al Horford was lost for the season. Since we’re here, and since the Pacers haven’t proven in any way, shape or form that they’re the better team, why not try to win this thing?

DeMarre Carroll has been consistent defensively throughout the series. In each game where he has combined that with efficient offensive contributions, the Hawks have won. If Carroll impacts the floor at both ends and either Scott or Antic break out of their respective shooting slumps, Game 5 could be winnable. For Teague, this is an opportunity to grow as a player and leader. Yes, his errors cost the team a chance to go up 3-1. But this is now Game 1 of a 3-game series. Teague has the opportunity to put those mistakes behind him and do what Budenholzer has been preaching all season: Improve.

Enhanced Play-by-Play:

1. PG make straight away 3, Carroll went under screens 3-0
2. Antic missed right side 3, West contest
3. Hill missed straight away 3, Teague helped on ball handler and left him
4. Teague missed right side 3, PG contest
5. Korver missed straight away 3, def not set after off reb
6. Stephenson makes corner 3, Korver somewhat contested 6-0
7. Teague missed open right side 3, PG left him to double Millsap
8. Stephenson missed elbow pull up, Teague late close
9. Carroll bad pass West knocks it away
10. Hill hits right block pull up after drive into Korver’s chest 8-0
11. Millsap hits straight away 3, Hibbert no contest 8-3
12. Stephenson missed right side 3, Korver contest
13. Teague makes layup, blew by PG 8-5
14. Stephenson called for charge on drive into Millsap
15. Korver 1 ft after Stephenson tech, complaining about two quick fouls 8-6
16. Teague missed pull up in paint, got by PG
17. Millsap layup after PG bad pass 8-8
18. West made layup, drove straight into Millsap 10-8
19. Carroll missed top key J, ran Turner off a screen
20. Korver made corner 3 after off reb, Hill weak contest 10-11
21. Turner missed baseline pull up, Antic contest
22. Teague layup attempt blocked by PG
23. Hill 1 of 2 fts, fouled on drive by Millsap 11-11
24. Antic illegal screen on Hill
25. West makes layup, blew by Antic 13-11
26. Millsap makes straight away 3, Mahinmi weak contest 13-14
27. West airball 3, shot clock violation, Carroll in his shirt
28. Korver threw pass away
29. Turner hits baseline turn around over Korver, well defended, tough shot 15-14
30. Teague threw pass to Korver away
31. Williams stole West pass
32. West stole Williams’ dribble
33. Turner makes open corner 3 in transition, Teague should have switched to him 18-14
34. Millsap hits baseline runner, Mahinmi contest 18-16
35. Turner makes baseline fall away, not great D by Williams 20-16
36. Teague makes layup, got by PG 20-18
37. PG layup blocked by Millsap
38. Millsap hits baseline fall away, weak D by Turner 20-20
39. Mahinmi dunk, Millsap stopped lane penetration by Turner 22-20
40. Teague makes 2 fts, fouled on drive by Mahinmi 22-22
41. Hibbert makes nice up and under layup over Brand 24-22
42. Williams layup blocked by West, blew by Hill
43. PG makes left side 3 over late close by Millsap, Carroll never got near his man 27-22
44. Millsap missed open straight away 3, Hibbert indifferent
45. Williams stole ball after Turner slipped
46. Brand missed baseline jumper, Williams drive and kick after blow by of Turner
47. West makes top key J, Millsap weak contest after doubling ball handler 29-22
48. Martin airballs baseline J at buzzer

49. Korver makes elbow J, Turner late close 29-24
50. Hibbert dunk, Antic doubled ball handler unnecessarily 31-24
51. Korver missed left side 3, late contest Turner
52. Scola airballs baseline J, Scott recovered to contest
53. Mack layup blocked by rim after blow by of Stephenson
54. scott missed putback over Hibbert
55. Williams stole the ball from Turner
56. Williams missed layup contested, possibly fouled by Turner no call
57. Turner missed straight away 3, Korver late fighting through screen
58. Scott layup, beat Scola down 31-26
59. Antic blocks Hibbert turn around in lane
60. Scott layup blocked by Stephenson
61. Stephenson threw ball away
62. Korver missed baseline 3, Turner late contest
62. Watson missed runner in lane over Mack contest
63. Mack hits right side pull up long 2, Turner didn’t fight through Scott screen 31-28
64. Turner hits ft line pull up, Williams didn’t get through screen 33-28
65. Mack hits right side 3, Stephenson went under pick 33-31
66. Turner makes 2 fts, drove and fouled by Williams 35-31
67. Antic baseline J blocked by Hibbert
68. Scott missed quick baseline turn around over Scola after off rebound
69. Turner missed somewhat wild baseline fall away over Williams
70. PG missed elbow J, got Williams in air
71. Scott missed turn around baseline hook over Scola
72. Mack makes putback over Hibbert 35-33
73. Scola missed elbow J, Scott out of position, late close
74. Watson missed open straight away 3, Mack didn’t try to recover after off reb
75. Williams layup, blew by Turner 35-35
76. PG shot clock violation great Hawks team defense
77. Millsap missed elbow J, Hibbert indifferent contest
78. Hibbert makes layup, Millsap tied him up intitially, should have been a jump ball 37-35
79. Scott missed straight away 3, Scola couldn’t get around Teague screen
80. Hibbert foul on Millsap under the basket, goes to bench with two fouls
81. Scott makes layup, West let him go by 37-37
82. Stephenson missed corner 3, Korver left him to double West
83. Millsap makes 2 fts, fouled on layup by Mahinmi 37-39
84. Hill missed straight away 3, Teague indifferent
85. Teague misses layup contested by Hill
86. Millsap makes put back 37-41
87. Hill blocked at rim by Millsap as buzzer sounds
88. Millsap makes layup right into Mahinmi’s chest 37-43 (Sap with 18)
89. Stephenson misses corner 3 contested by Korver (1 fg in last 6.5 mins for IND)
90. Scott makes left side 3, late contest by West 37-46
91. West makes 1 of 2 fts, fouled on drive to basket by Millsap 38-46
92. Teague makes open layup on broken play with clock winding down, PG weakly went for steal 38-48
93. West scores in post over Millsap 40-48
94. Teague misses layup over Hill contest with 20 seconds on shot clock, 55 seconds to play in half
95. Stephenson transition dunk 42-48
96. Millsap missed left side 3, West weak contest
97. West missed rushed turn around over Millsap
98. Teague elbow J blocked by Hill

99. Millsap missed pull up elbow J over Hibbert
100. Korver missed right side three ofter off reb, Hill late recovering to contest
101. PG missed left side 3, Carroll late contest
102. Korver missed corner 3, PG lost track of him off reb
103. Carrol missed right side 3, PG late close off reb
104. Millsap missed layup contested by Hibbert
105. Antic stole PG’s pass
106. Korver hits left side 3, late contest by Hill 42-51
107. West missed baseline fall away, Scott contested (Millsap leaves with 9:40 to play after picking up 3rd and 4th fouls)
108. Carroll baseline pull up blocked by West
109. George makes transition layup contested by Korver 44-51
110. Carroll makes right side 3, Stephenson left him to double ball handler 44-54
111. George missed elbow J, contested by Carroll
112. Teague misses step back three over indifferent Hibbert, broken play
113. West makes 2 fts, questionable foul on Antic on drive 46-54
114. Antic missed baseline J, good screen from Korver
115. West makes elbow J over tight D from Scott 48-54
116. Teague bad pass stolen by George
117. George makes layup in transition, Teague narrow stance, reaching in instead of trying to draw charge 50-54
118. Antic bad pass stolen by Hill
119. George hit baseline 3 in transition, Teague ran out at him 53-54
120. Carroll airball, shot clock violation, fumbled dribble and had to force at buzzer (9-0 run last 2:51)
121. George missed top circle J, Carroll late getting through screen
122. Scott missed baseline J, West contested
123. Hill makes right side 3, Korver left him to double West in lane 56-54
124. Antic makes pick and roll layup, Hibbert helped on Teague 56-56
125. Hill offensive foul on Korver, turnover
126. Scott makes layup +1 ft, fouled by George on drive 56-59
128. Stephenson missed open corner 3, Korver switched to George whom Carroll left to double West
129. Carroll missed layup in transition
130. Scott putback attempt bocked by Stephenson
131. Carroll stole ball from Stephenson in transition
132. George knocked ball away from Scott in transition, saving a layup
133. Antic missed right side 3, Mahinmi contested
134. Stephenson missed corner 3, Korver late to contest after dig down
135. Scott missed left side 3, West ran out at him
136. Hill makes 2 fts, fouled on layup attempt after blowing by Teague 58-59
137. Lou missed tough runner from corner, Stephenson did well not to foul
138. West missed ft runner contested by Scott
139. Millsap makes 2 fts, fouled on pull up in lane by Hill on pick and roll 58-61
140. Watson made elbow pull up, Mack never got around screen 60-61
141. Williams drove baseline and threw ball away
142. Watson missed layup attempt over Mack
143. George makes ft line pull up, tight D by Carroll 62-61
144. Millsap makes 2 fts, fouled on layup attempt by Mahinmi 62-63
145. West makes open ft jumper, Brand caught on screen 64-63
146. Williams makes elbow J, Turner left him to guard Millsap on pick and pop, Mahinmi late close 64-65
147. George makes oop dunk, Carroll lost him 66-65
148. Williams airballs straight away 3, Turner fought through screen to contest
149. West missed runner in lane, Mack contested
150. Mack missed straight away 3, George went under screen

151. Watson makes layup over Carroll contest, Mack caught on screen 68-65
152. Millsap makes runner in lane over tight contest from Mahinmi 68-67
153. George missed baseline fall away, Millsap contest
154. Mack missed layup, blocked by Mahinmi
155. Mack missed long 2, forced as clock expired
156. Watson missed elbow jumper contested by Mack
157. Millsap makes corner 3 contested by Mahinmi 68-70
158. George makes layup, blew by Carroll 70-70
159. Williams makes 2 fts, fouled on elbow J by Turner 70-72
160. George makes layup over Korver, who wasn’t tracking ball to see pass coming 72-72
161. Millsap makes tough runner over tight D from Mahinmi 72-74
162. Turner missed elbow J, Williams contested
163. Williams blocked by Mahinmi on layup attempt
164. George missed left side 3 in transition, Millsap contested
165. Korver makes right side 3, Hill with a hand in his face 72-77
166. Scola makes elbow J, Scott late contest, bit on pass fake 74-77
167. Teague makes left side 3, late contest by Hill 74-80
168. Watson makes ft line pull up, Teague lost his man, Watson got by Scott easily 76-80
169. Millsap missed straight away 3, Mahinmi late contest
170. Millsap careless with the ball, Watson poked away to George
171. Watson missed corner 3 in transition, contested by Millsap
172. George airballed straight away 3 contested by Carroll
173. Scott missed wild layup, Scola watched him go by
174. West missed turn around in lane over Millsap
175. Hill makes put back after shoving Korver in the back 78-80
176. Teague missed elbow J, Watson late around pick
177. Scola missed baseline J, Scott ball watching
178. Teague makes straight away 3, late contest Watson 78-83
179. Hill makes corner 3, Korver weak contest 81-83
180. Scott makes 2 fts, fouled by Watson on layup, Scola left him to double Millsap 81-85
181. Scola makes baseline J, Scott ignored him to double George 83-85
182. Teague missed elbow pull up, over West, George caught on Millsap pick
183. Scola missed layup over Millsap, lost Scott on shot fake trying to recover, played way too far off
184. Scott missed open straight away 3, West doubled Teague on drive
185. West missed 2 fts after Carroll called for foul. West got by Millsap easily then pushed off on Carroll with his left forearm, foul Carroll
186. Teague turnover, drove baseline on George and slipped
187. George makes right side 3 over carroll, Hill caught him with moving screen 86-85
188. Teague bad pass to Millsap poked away by West
189. West makes left side 3, Millsap left him to double Hill on drive 89-85
190. Korver makes 3 fts, fouled on corner 3 attempt by West 89-88
191. Stephenson missed straight away 3, Korver late contest doubled on West drive
192. Hill makes layup contested by Carroll, blew by Teague 91-88
193. Millsap threw away pass
194. Stephenson bad pass, tied up by Carroll
195. Jump ball OOB off Stephenson
196. Millsap missed spinning runner in lane contested by West
197. George missed 2 fts, fouled on inbounds by Carrroll
198. Antic missed straight away 3, Hill played straight up

Data for Enhanced Play-by-Play is gathered using MySynergySports.com.

Buddy Grizzard


4 responses to HawksHoop Preview: Game 5

  1. Defensive Miscues: individual plays Game 4:

    Carroll 1, 43, 101, 121, 147, 158
    Teague 3, 8, 33, 84, 117, 136, 168, 192
    Antic 25, 50
    Williams 35, 64, 66, 70
    Millsap 47, 185, 189
    Korver 57, 82, 123, 134, 160, 179, 191
    Scott 73, 166, 168, 177, 181, 183
    Mack 74, 140, 151
    Brand 145

    George 7, 13, 16, 36, 92, 102, 103, 150
    Hibbert 11, 44, 77
    Turner 19, 38, 46, 49, 51, 62, 63, 75
    Hill 20, 42, 100, 106, 167
    Mahinmi 26, 146, 169
    Stephenson 53, 65, 110
    Scola 58, 79, 173, 180
    West 81, 90, 96
    Watson 176, 178

    Defensive Miscues (series totals):
    Hawks (Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4 = Total)
    Korver 7, 9, 11, 7 = 34
    Teague 5, 12, 5, 8 = 30
    Scott 2, 5, 7, 6 = 20
    Millsap 10, 4, 7, 3 = 17
    Williams 8, 1, 4, 4 = 17
    Carroll 6, 4, 1, 6 = 17
    Mack 6, 2, 2, 3 = 13
    Brand 2, 2, 3, 1 = 8
    Antic 2, 2, 3, 2 = 9
    Martin 2, 2, 0, 0 = 4
    Schroder 0, 1, 0, 0 = 1

    Pacers (Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4 = Total)
    Hill 14, 5, 7, 5 = 31
    George 6, 5, 11, 8 = 30
    Stephenson 7, 6, 6, 3 = 22
    Watson 5, 4, 9, 2 = 20
    Turner 6, 2, 3, 8 = 19
    Hibbert 5, 9, 1, 3 = 18
    Mahinmi 4, 3, 4, 3 = 14
    West 1, 6, 3, 3 = 13
    Scola 1, 6, 1, 4 = 12
    Copeland 0, 1, 0, 0 = 1
    Allen 0, 1, 0, 0 = 1

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