How Does This Trade Impact The Future?

Brandon Barnes —  June 30, 2014

I’m still in a daze. What just happened?

*shakes out cob-webs*

Ah, I can see clearly now!

This is one of those trades that we can’t really grade until each moving piece evolves over time. This is a trade could impact the Hawks in a few different ways.

Scenario #1:

Hawks dive into free agency head-first ready to make a huge splash. However, they come out of it looking like the Boys Chess Team captain asking out the Homecoming Queen. (Heck, even if you’re on the girls chess team you probably say no, am I right?)

Hawks watch as Lucas Nogueira turns Toronto into his playground, sending back opposing shots as if he were Rob Ford. With Bebe, considering how high his ceiling is as an imposing defensive specialist, this part of Scenario #1 is quite possible if his knees stay functioning.

Atlanta fans weep in 2020 when they decide that this trade might’ve been worse than what their beloved Braves gave up for Mark Teixeira in late July of 2007. Hindsight sure is 20/20, huh? After all that, the Hawks only signed a crippled Pape Sy on a vet’s minimum.

Scenario #2

Thanks to the money saved by dumping Williams and waiving Salmons, the Hawks are able to attract some serious firepower to the ATL. Are we talking LeBron? Probably not. Maybe Melo? I’d wager that doesn’t happen. Odds are they stick with a decent combination of lesser-known players that can make an impact, but, hey, Danny Ferry has surprised us in the past. Heck, he surprised us with this trade (although it had been known for sometime that Lou was on his way out; decent player on a tradeable deal)!

Bebe’s knees age quicker than a no-makeup Khloe Kardashian, and all of a sudden that big time prospect is just another big man with bad knees. He bounces around the league for a little while until eventually he’s nothing more than a big what if.

Scenario #3

Can’t there be a scenario where good things happen for both sides? Nogueira turns into a decent player for the Raptors for the next several years but only averages six points and four boards against the Hawks for his entire career (only fitting). Danny Ferry re-opens the Gold Club, which inadvertently creates a swarm of free-agent interest. Hello, LeBron for $10 million a year!

As long as we keep the Patrick Ewings of the league out of the Gold Club, we should be okay…

There was another guy in the trade as well. Lou Williams is no longer on the Atlanta Hawks. You have to feel for the South Gwinnett native on this one. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t a happy ending in the ATL for Lou as he struggled to return to his once dominant bench-scoring form after tearing his ACL in early 2013.

Players recovering from a tear generally aren’t 100% until they’re more than a year removed from the injury. The following comes from HH colleague David Vertsberger’s February post about why the Hawks should hold on to Lou Williams.

So if there were any time to trade him – if there were even a real need to – wouldn’t it be next year?

Props to Verts for making perfect sense, as well as predicting the future (if we want to count July 29th as part of next season). It seems Ferry decided that cap space was less risky than a veteran coming off of a down year. The only thing is, what if he comes back next season and improves tremendously on the Raptors? Remember, he’ll be 28 when the season begins; he’s supposed to be in the prime of his career had the injury not slowed him down!

So where do the Hawks go from here? Well right at this moment there are reports that the Hawks are interested in Luol Deng. Now lets take a step back, folks. Danny Ferry doesn’t leak, this had to have come from Deng’s camp. I’m not sure he’s the answer we’ve been looking for, but we’ll see how the summer unfolds.

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks, Hawks fans. Are you in for the ride?

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2 responses to How Does This Trade Impact The Future?

  1. Try This Trade
    ATL Send Mike Scott to BKN
    LAC Send Danny Granger or Matt Barnes to ATL
    BKN Send Paul Pierce to LAC

  2. An NBA team cannot win without a Super Star or All Star on the wing that can take over a game and score at will. We were promised in Atlanta that trading a current All Star and scorer in Joe Johnson would move us forward and we haven’t gotten out of the first round and still do not have a true replacement scorer and All Star.

    Korver(3pt specialist), Carroll(Solid Slasher and Defender), Thabo(Defensive Specialist) or Payne(True Power Forward) cannot do that. Lebron and Carmelo will not come here, so now is the time to make some trades!

    We have 2 All Star Power Forwards in Horford and Millsap, and probably a future one in Payne. Trade Millsap to Toronto for All Star Shooting Guard DeMarr Derozan! They have matching contracts and we can throw in John Jenkins to replace some of Derozan’s 3pt shooting, Walter Tavarres since Toronto likes the foreign players and whatever future 1st or 2nd round picks to make it happen!

    Next we can trade Adrian Payne(from Michigan State) to the Detroit Pistons for True Center Andre Drummond!!! Detroit will re-sign Greg Monroe to start at Center and will be able to start Adrian Payne at Power Forward or let him come off the bench to back up Josh Smith. It will help the Pistons to move Josh back to his best position as well. We can also trade point guard of the future for Detroit Dennis Shroeder, a tough wing player in Lamar Patterson, and a tough rebounding and shooting big man(the type Van Gundy likes) in Mike Muscala to be back up center and we can even sign and trade Gustavo Ayon or trade future 1st and 2nd round picks. Trade whichever of these the Pistons want to make it happen!!!!

    So in the end, what would make the Hawks fans happy? A real team!!!!

    C- Andre Drummond
    PF- Al Horford
    SF- Demarre Carroll
    SG- DeMarr Derozan
    PG- Jeff Teague

    C- Pero Antic
    PF- Mike Scott
    SF- Thabo Sefolosha
    SG- Kyle Korver
    PG – Shelvin Mack