Iman Shumpert Available?

Bo Churney —  June 23, 2014

Late last night, ESPN’s Marc Stein had this to say about New York Knicks shooting guard Iman Shumpert:

With the Hawks desperately needing a third player that can play defense on the perimeter, this news definitely piqued my interest. Shumpert can effectively play defense on both guard positions, plus he can occasionally guard the 3-position on teams that are small. Shumpert’s offense has been extremely inconsistent over his three NBA seasons, but there is one factor that was in New York that makes me think this can easily be fixed on a team like Atlanta: former Knicks head coach, Mike Woodson.

Most Atlanta fans that remember Jeff Teague’s first few seasons should be aware of Woodson’s development of young players. Teague and Shumpert really do not have too much in common on the basketball court, but both frequently found themselves in and out of Mike Woodson’s doghouse. Finally, when each player had his respective chance on the court, it was easy to see that the isolation-style offense that Woodson employed did not play to the strength of either player. (thus resulting in more time spent on the bench)

Could Shumpert’s shooting — he shot 40% from 3 in the 2012-13 season — be revived in Mike Budenholzer’s offense? I think so; the offense in Atlanta would be a much better fit than it was with Woodson’s New York teams, as he will not be relied on to create his own opportunities as often.

The Hawks have the 15th pick in the draft. With Stein saying that Shumpert could be taken for a late first-rounder, it’s conceivable that the Hawks may have more than they need to pry Shumpert out of New York’s hands.

I presented this scenario:

Is this feasible? With only days to go before the draft, it is hard to tell whether or not the Hawks would have time to strike on both of these deals. However, as I have been saying with other possible moves, I think this makes a lot of sense for the Hawks to explore as they look to improve the team during the offseason.

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4 responses to Iman Shumpert Available?

  1. This would be a very smart move for us. Trade back from #15 for multiple late 1st round draft picks. Draft a guy who falls to us, and trade the other pick for Shumpert. Fiscally smart. We get a veteran able to contribute immediately. Improve depth. Improve the defense.

    I like it a lot…

    • Oklahoma City has the 21st and 29th picks, so if you could trade for those with the 15th, and then swap the 29th for Shumpert… I think that would just be too great of a deal to pass up. Good prospects should still be available at 21, too.

  2. I think part of why the Knicks undervalue Shump is because they are stuck in JR Smith’s deal… nobody is trading for Smith. So Shump gives them duplication at shooting guard. I believe Shump has shown enough in his career to take a chance on and he would improve the Hawks’ defense at the position.

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