Ivan Johnson’s Agent Thanks ATL’s Fans

Buddy Grizzard —  August 29, 2013 — 12 Comments

As first reported by Hupu.com (hat tip as always to Jorge Sierra with HoopsHype), unrestricted free agent Ivan Johnson has signed a one-year contract with the┬áZhejiang Golden Bulls. As Johnson’s agent Jeremiah Haylett explained to HawksHoop.com this morning, this does not preclude Johnson from signing with an NBA team for the balance of this season once the Chinese Basketball Association season concludes.

“[There is] no NBA out but the season is only 3.5 months,” said Haylett via email. “We have plans to return to the NBA after the CBA season.”

Haylett wished to express his and Johnson’s appreciation to Hawks fans who pulled for Johnson throughout this process.

“Ivan and I would like to thank all the Atlanta fans and NBA fans for their support, during the season and especially for their support during free agency,” said Haylett. “We had to weigh a great offer with Zhejiang (a good CBA organization) vs. interest and no movement from NBA teams.”

As with Tracy McGrady last season, who signed with the Spurs after playing out a single season contract in the CBA, the possibility will remain open for an NBA team to sign Johnson prior to the conclusion of the season, making him eligible for the playoffs.

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12 responses to Ivan Johnson’s Agent Thanks ATL’s Fans

  1. As effective as he was this season, it’s very telling he received no concrete offers to his liking.

    Also, no mention of the other noteworthy Hawks story of the day? Hopefully no internal politics or journalistic integrity issues behind the decision to remain quiet…

  2. Jamaaliver I’m leaving that commentary to others. I wish Bud could have got busted last week before Ivan left to join the Chinese Choir. I just found out one of my best friends who played tailback and safety on the FSU practice squad before quitting football got a DUI last year. This shit with Bud just reminds me how many times I’ve pushed it and how stupid that was. Seriously though, white people winning the VMAs and NBA coaches getting DUIs doesn’t interest me and is fully covered elsewhere. I’d rather talk about the fact that Ferry gave his Duke buddy Elton Brand a $4 million NBA farewell gift but couldn’t set aside a mini mid level for Ivan, who can actually play at an NBA level.

  3. You guys are willing to spend 500+ words analyzing the merits of Lou Williams’ Rap Album, but refuse to even report on our new Head Coach being arrested?

    No speculation on what short or long term effects the franchise could feel as a result of his possible suspension or (worse case scenario) his firing?

    But you instead post a report on a minor role player who no longer even plays in the NBA.

    You guys are killing me…

  4. A minor roleplayer? Ivan Johnson is the best basketball player in the world not currently under contract by an NBA team. As I wrote on AJC.com, I’m downgrading my projected win total for the Hawks this year from 46 to 40 as a result. I already told you my thoughts on Coach Bud’s arrest in my comment above. I wish it would have happened a week ago so we could have dispensed with the Choir Boy shit and got down to the business of winning basketball games. I don’t think this is a career killer for Bud any more than it was for Jason Kidd. Keep in mind, Bud has a lot more rings than Jason Kidd.

    Once again, if you want to read the opinions of people who think this incident amounts to a hill of beans in the ultimate scheme of things, Google is your friend. Ultimately I think this takes Bud and Ferry down a peg or two, which is a good thing. Come down out of your ivory tower of Spursian dominance and get your hands dirty building a basketball team. Good luck with Mike Scott taking Ivan’s minutes… this is the guy who got torched by Josh Freaking Powell in the preseason last year.

    • What…are u talking about?

      • The ‘best basketball player in the world not under contract’?

        Apparently no GMs in the NBA or any European League agrees…

        There are literally hundreds of undersized PFs who can provide similar production.

        Regarding 6 fewer wins just because of Ivan being let go:

        Hawks went 8-4 in games Ivan did not play in last season.

        I just don’t see his absence being the difference between us being a winning or losing team.

        • It’s not Ivan in a vacuum. It’s the combination of the loss of Josh Smith, one of the best wing defenders in the world, and the failure of Danny Ferry to adequately replace his defensive output. Ivan would have replaced some of it. But now options are limited in guarding elite 3’s. Ivan would have done a lot of dirty work that Horford will now have to do himself. On a positive note, Goose Ayon has looked really good in the FIBA Americas tournament.

          • From what I hear, Demarre Carroll and Jared Cunningham have reputations as above average defenders; and Bud’s defensive strategy will likely focus on strong team defense as opposed to one-on-one defense for the most part.

            Carroll is a solid shot blocker at SF and Cunningham was known as a ball thief back in college.

            Cunningham especially could surprise. I had Jenkins pegged as a starter at SG, but Jared will give him a run for his money….

  5. Talking about basketball homie.

  6. Seriously though, I just told you the failure to retain Ivan Johnson caused me to project 6 fewer wins for the Hawks this season. If there’s any accuracy to that, it takes the Hawks from a team that has the potential to win a playoff series to a team that’s questionable to make the playoffs. I don’t think Ferry is trying to tank but he’s done nothing to replace Josh Smith’s wing defense. I think the Hawks have depth at power forward and center but the only small forward under contract is DeMarre Carroll, a roleplayer on a lottery team in Utah.

    This is Ferry’s team and it has massive, gaping holes in it. Ivan Johnson would have filled some of those gaps better than any other player available. Now the Hawks are going to roll with what they got. But you want to talk about Bud getting a DUI. That doesn’t move the needle for me as far as where the Hawks are going to finish in the standings. If anything, I think this team will rally around Bud and play harder for him to help him repair his reputation.

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