Josh Smith wins Player of the Week award

Bo Churney —  December 10, 2012

NBA Denver Nuggets at Atlanta Hawks

Yes, you heard that right! Josh Smith was named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week earlier today.

Smoove averaged 21 points, 12 rebounds, and a little over three assists during the week of December 3rd-9th. And, of course, all of this was on efficient shooting! The Hawks were 3-0 during the week.

Josh has been on a pretty impressive tear recently. Over his last six games, he’s averaging 20-10-4-2-2 on 56.6% true-shooting. He been a huge part of the Hawks’ recent stretch of nine wins in ten games.

Of course, if these kind of numbers continue, he will almost certainly be a lock for the All-Star game. And, obviously, there’s that max contract he’s seeking in the offseason…

Just some other cool factoids I found about Josh: this is the 2nd time he has won a Player of the Week award. The other time was back in 2007 for the week of… December 3rd-9th. He averaged 22-6-3-2-3 in a four-game run on 60% (!) true-shooting. Smoove is the 2nd Hawk to win a POTW award this year; Al Horford took home that honor a few weeks ago. And finally, via the Hawks Facebook page, Smith is the ONLY player in NBA history to average 15+ points, 7+ rebounds, 3+ assists, 2+ blocks and 1+ steal per game in his career. That is… extremely impressive.

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  1. Smoove for threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee