LVSL Game 4: Hawks Lose in OT to Blazers, 70-69

Bo Churney —  July 17, 2013

Everything seemed to be going well in the first half. Not only did the Hawks have a 41-31 lead, but the rooks and second year guys were doing a lot of good things. Schröder was active in both shooting and passing, finishing the half with 11 points and four assists. John Jenkins, who was still acting as the number one option, actually started off strong with 10 points on 4-for-8 shooting.

Nogueira was in early foul trouble – the Summer League tournament games are reduced from 10 to six fouls – but the team of Mikes in Muscala and Scott did more than enough to pick up the slack; the two were playing well within the control of Schröder’s offense and were defending and rebound at a more than acceptable rate. Hell, even Jared Cunningham had a couple of beautiful dimes.

Then the shots decided to stop falling.

After a 15-for-31 performance from the field in the first half, the Hawks went 10-44 in the second half and overtime. Schröder was still running the offense well and getting open looks, but Jenkins and Scott couldn’t convert. Nogueira also had trouble finishing some looks around the rim, but his pick-and-roll defense and rim-protection (four blocks) were definitely the highlights.

Mike Scott finished with 19 points and nine rebounds. Muscala wound up with a team-high 12 boards, which means I get to post this.


The Hawks’ next game is on Friday at 6PM EDT against the Sacramento Kings.

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7 responses to LVSL Game 4: Hawks Lose in OT to Blazers, 70-69

  1. Is this the last game? or can we get back into the bracket

  2. Bo, question you may have already answered but I can’t find it. Does Lucas playing in LVSL mean he could come stateside this year? Or is it a for sure he will be abroad for this upcoming season? I can’t find any info from any of the guys on this.

    • The front office guys say they are “keeping all options open”, but I expect him to spend one more year in Spain.

      • Thanks! You and the rest of the guys do a great job, both with humor and keeping people updated. Please keep it up

  3. LOL awesome .jpg MOOSE!

  4. may the moose keep bucking