McGuire: Teague on Pace for All-Star Selection in Weak East

Buddy Grizzard —  November 19, 2013 — 1 Comment

Aaron McGuire over at Gothic Ginobili has been taking a look at early statistical trends and one thing he has noted is that the East has very few guards playing at an All-Star level. I suspected that Jrue Holiday’s move to the Western Conference might open up a spot for Jeff Teague if he made the leap that Bo Churney discussed. It turns out that, with a rash of injuries to and poor play by a number of Eastern All-Star regulars, Teague would make the team easily if selections were made today.

Be sure to click through and read McGuire’s full analysis, which includes the following quote:

There are only five eastern conference guards with above-average win-shares among guards playing 27+ MPG. Jeff Teague and Brandon Jennings are leading Eastern Conference guards in PER. Ray Allen, Arron Afflalo, and Mario Chalmers are leading Eastern guards in shooting — add in James Anderson, O.J. Mayo, and Martell Webster and you have the only six eastern conference guards with a TS% over 55%. This isn’t just a “below average” thing. Eastern conference guards have been an absolute horror-show in the early going.

Teague is presently second in the East in assists, just behind John Wall. Among the Eastern guards listed, only Aaron Afflalo sports a higher PER than Teague.

McGuire is tracking statistical trends early in the season with the caveat that they may or may not hold up as the season progresses. At the bottom of each entry, he’s keeping a running tally of numbers previously cited that have held up over time or failed to. I have some experience with this myself as my early look at SportVU included some citations of both varieties. Teague has held up at 5th in the NBA in points created via assist while Detroit’s defense has fallen off rather comically since my peek in after only four games.

The key point here is that, if Teague keeps up his production and the Hawks continue to win (an important component of All-Star selections, as McGuire notes), an inaugural All-Star appearance could be in the offing. Said McGuire:

If I had to pick out who “deserves” an Eastern conference all-star spot right now, I’d probably err on the side of [Dwyane] Wade, Teague, Afflalo, and [Evan] Turner.

Buddy Grizzard


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