Pre-Draft Q&A with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

David Vertsberger —  June 26, 2013

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a 6’6″ gunslinger at the two-guard, and a highly touted prospect in the upcoming 2013 NBA Draft out of Georgia. It’s highly unlikely Caldwell-Pope will drop all the way down to Atlanta’s 17th and 18th first-round picks, but if he did the Hawks would be striking gold by selecting him so late. I got to ask KCP a few questions at a pre-Draft media availability session the day before the actual Draft is scheduled to take place, which you can take a look at below:

HawksHoop: How well do you think you can thrive in a system that requires players to make quick, decisive passes as soon as they catch the ball?

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: I mean I think I can, I think I can handle that. I’m not a selfish player. If I’m not open or if I have an open player, I’m gonna get rid of the ball.

HH: Would you be comfortable limiting your offense, if your team asked, to being a spot-up shooter running off-the-ball?

KCP: Yeah, whatever my team needs for me to do, I’ll do it. I’m coachable, I just, I love to win. Whatever my team needs for me to do, I’ll do it.

HH: Where do you think you can help the team most that drafts you?

KCP: I can help them on both ends. I’m a great defender. I have quick hands. I can rebound the ball. I bring an offensive game, I can shoot the ball, create my own shot, I bring a lot to a team that whoever drafts me.

HH: How would you feel if you, it’s not looking like a real possibility, but how would you feel if you fell down to your home state, to the Atlanta Hawks at 17th or 18th?

KCP: Whatever team takes me, I’m good with that. I would feel comfortable because it’s my hometown, but right now I just don’t see myself falling that far.

HH: What are you going to put the most emphasis on working on this summer as far as your game?

KCP: Probably mainly my ball handling. I really need to work on that. That’s really what most of the GMs and teams, not really drilling me on it but, that’s what I know my weakness is. I really need to work on that, and just get it to where I need it to be.

HH: What edge do you think you have over other possible draftees?

KCP: I don’t think I have any edge. In this Draft there’s a lot of great players. I played against two of them, Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller and they’re great players. So I don’t think I have any edge over them. I don’t think no one has an edge over anyone.

David Vertsberger


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  1. Man, I want this kid as a Hawk more than any other prospect in a very long time.

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