RECAP: Bulls 100, Hawks 85

Bo Churney —  February 12, 2014


CHI(26-25) 100 – 85 (25-25)ATL   

Key Performers:
J. Noah (CHI): 19 pts, 16 reb, 11 ast, 3 blk, and a partridge in a pear tree
L. Williams (ATL): 13 pts, 3 reb, 4 ast

The Hawks started off this game with three quick buckets in the paint, appearing to have a good game plan for getting through Chicago’s tough defense. Those turned out to be the easiest points the Hawks got all night, as Joakim Noah, who was everywhere, and crew dominated Atlanta for the majority of the night. The Hawks were outrebounded by a 58-27 margin and allowed 100 points to one of the worst offensive teams in the league. Not a lot of good to be taken from this one, as the Hawks have now lost four straight games and have dropped to fifth in the Eastern Conference standings.

Reaction grades [assessed 0-10]:

Paul Millsap: Pretty bad night from Paul, who actually hit three three-pointers, but was just 3-for-9 on twos. Millsap seemed very hesitant on open shots and ruined the Hawks’ rhythm with his weird decision-making when they were only down eight in the fourth. He had looks on open looks from three, but he passed them up and tried pump-faking, which was odd, because he always ended up in a worse position than before. One time he did actually pull the trigger on a three… he was heavily guarded by Noah and there was a lot of time on the shot clock; just an odd night overall. 3/10

DeMarre Carroll: DeMarre was dribbling way too much in this game, which was more of a sign of a failed team effort than something that was his fault. He still had a decent night of 11 points, two boards, and two dimes, and I can definitely say that the team’s poor defensive effort wasn’t his fault. 7/10

Kyle Korver: Ditto for Korver on the “too much dribbling” thing; that’s usually a sign of an impending disaster for the Hawks. The Bulls didn’t give him much room to operate, but he was still able to knock down a couple of long-balls and extend #KyleStreak to 119 games. 5/10

Jeff Teague: Jeff Teague got a flagrant foul on Taj Gibson late in the game, which is about the most aggressive thing I’ve seen Jeff do since mid-December. Teague was actually 6-for-9 from the floor and looked like he should have been able to create more opportunities for himself, but he just didn’t do it. 5/10

Gustavo Ayon: *looks at Joakim Noah’s line, looks at Gustavo, looks back at Joakim’s line* Yeah, Gustavo had a very, very bad game. It was worsened when it appeared in the first half that he was the only one of the floor that wanted to actually do anything on offense. Bonus point for effort? 4/10

Elton Brand: Not even E.B.’s jumpers could save the Hawks in this game. Brand was one of two Hawks to have a positive plus-minus on the night, and he fell just short of a double-double with eight points and eight boards in 26 minutes. 6.5/10

Mike Scott: Mike had a couple of threes and had some nice passes that made me raise my eyebrows, but… his defense and rebounding were just awful for the night. It wasn’t just him obviously, but it does get annoying to continually see the Hawks look like they have the defensive board, then they fumble it away. The whole team needs to go through some hands drills. 5/10

Lou Williams: It’s about time Lou did some good things, as he was just having a terrible stretch lately. I wish Lou’s willingness to let it fly when he has a look would have rubbed off on the entire team, as I definitely think it would have helped. 7.5/10

Shelvin Mack: Shelvin’s weird six-quarter stint on the bench came to an end in the second quarter and it was obvious that he helps this team. He actually didn’t have the greatest of games, but the team’s offense just seems to flow better when there are multiple ball-handlers on the court. (AKA: when DeMarre and Kyle aren’t being relied on as much in that department) 5/10

Cartier Martin: He played five minutes and made a three. Yay. INC/10

Mike Budenhozler: A four game losing streak is not a good look on this team. The team is going to need to execute better on both ends of the floor if they don’t want that streak to go to five on Wednesday night in Toronto. 5/10

Opposition: Noah and Taj Gibson just absolutely destroyed Atlanta’s bigs in every facet of the game. Throw in Jimmy Butler, D.J. Augustin, and Mike Dunleavy, who all contributed in their own way, and this game was just an absolute train-wreck for the Hawks. 8/10

Next: Atlanta at Toronto, Wednesday, February 12th

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One response to RECAP: Bulls 100, Hawks 85

  1. The hawks are entering the tough part of their schedule, lets see how bud deals with the leage now knowing his coaching style and hawks playstyle. Being able to produce in the middle and the late part of the season is much more indicitive of how good a coach and a team are as opposed to a hot start to the year.

    Hopefully, the hawks can get back to their early season form.