RECAP: Bulls 91, Hawks 84

Bo Churney —  January 5, 2014


CHI(14-18) 91 – 84 (18-16)ATL

Key Performers:
M. Dunleavy (CHI): 20 pts, 3 reb
P. Millsap (ATL): 16 pts, 12 reb, 2 blk

It is really becoming evident just how much the Hawks miss Al Horford. The Hawks had 17 offensive rebounds in this game… and lost because the Bulls had 20 offensive rebounds. Mike Dunleavy had a big night with 20 points, as Chicago continued to run him off of screens late in the game as their primary source of offense. The Hawks offense, however, really did not have a primary option, as the Chicago defense did a great job of keeping the Hawks’ shooters under wraps.

Reaction Grades: [assessed 0-10]

Paul Millsap: Another bad night from the field from Millsap, as he couldn’t get anything to go around the basket. He did do some nice work on the boards, grabbing six offensive rebounds, but his offense was just… ugh. Sure, there was a lot of contact on some of his plays, but the officiating was like that for both sides. 5/10

Jeff Teague: Like Millsap, Teague couldn’t get anything to go on offense. Jeff committed four turnovers and simply had trouble running the offense with only Millsap as a pick-and-roll option. What was surprising, however, is that Teague did a good job on the Chicago guards on defense. 5/10

Pero Antic:At the end of the game when the Hawks were having trouble getting stops and controlling the boards, I was confused as to why Pero Antic wasn’t on the floor. Pero nine points and seven rebounds in 23 minutes and the Hawks could have really used his spacing and defense for the stretch in the fourth quarter where the Bulls were doing whatever they wanted. Hard to imagine that “The Hawks needed more Pero Antic to win” would have been a thing before the season started, isn’t it? 8.5/10

DeMarre Carroll: A solid 10 points, seven rebounds, four assists, and three steals from DeMarre. That’s exactly the kind of nights the Hawks need from the small forward. Also, as with every game, DeMarre had a dumb play in transition that was very facepalm worthy. Regardless, still a good overall night from the Junkyard Dog. 8/10

Kyle Korver: Horford’s absence is seemingly having a strong effect on Kyle’s offense. Teams have been able to keep him locked down since Al went down, and that doesn’t really come as a surprise. Without Horford, it’s going to be a lot harder for Korver to continue to find ways to get open on a consistent basis. 6/10

Shelvin Mack: Shelvin was probably Atlanta’s best player against the Warriors… and maybe the worst against the Bulls. 2-for-7 shooting, two turnovers, and only two assists for Shelvin, who had a hard time navigating through the stellar Chicago defense. 3.5/10

Mike Scott: Another 12 point night off the bench for Mike, who also grabbed four offensive rebounds. As several people on twitter pointed out, however, Mike is seemingly adopting Smoove’s habit of making a great play, then immediately negating it by making a “wait, what?’ type of play. Oh well, as long as he’s being productive, the Hawks can handle it. 6/10

Elton Brand: Remember when I said that the officials were letting some good contact happen before they called fouls? Yeah, Elton was the primary offender of that for the Hawks. He did have three blocked shots on the night, which might have been clean, but he did some heavy protection at the rim, some of which may have been a bit too heavy… 6/10

Lou Williams: All the things I said for Shelvin can almost be dittoed for Lou. Chicago’s defense just wouldn’t let him get to work on offense like the Hawks need him to work for the team to be successful. However, even against a good defense, I think we expect more than five points from Lou. 5/10

Coach Budenholzer: I just want to know where Pero was in the fourth quarter. That being said, when they’re relying on Pero Antic for significant minutes… then you know the Hawks have their work cut out for them. 6/10

The opposition: The Bulls did a good job at attacking the Hawks where they were weakest. Yes, the Hawks also had a lot of offensive rebounds, but it seemed like Chicago’s offensive boards led to quick tip ins, which were just killed the Hawks after a solid possession of good defense. 7.5/10


Next: Atlanta at Brooklyn, Monday, January 6th

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  1. Bud is killing me with the rotations. Scott is horrible on the defensive end. Does more bad then good. Pero needs more second half minutes. The 4th quarter of the g state game was loss with a terrible 4th quarter sub pattern. Lead went from double digits to 1 with Scott in and pero out. They also have shelvin handle the ball way to much. He is a solid backup who can defend and shoot, but he shouldn’t be run in a pick and roll while Teague spots up in the corner.