RECAP: Hawks 101, Bobcats 91

Bo Churney —  November 23, 2012


CHA(6-5) 91 – 101 (7-4) ATL

Key Performers:

A. Horford (ATL) 26 pts, 13 rebs, 3 blks
R. Sessions (CHA): 22 pts, 4 rebs, 4 asts

I’ll start off by saying that this was a really, really fun game. The Hawks kept getting ahead by double-digits, but the Bobcats would find a way to creep back in it. In the end, the Hawks won behind Al Horford and Zaza Pachulia’s energetic fourth quarter. The team also recorded 15 blocks, which is the most in a game for the Hawks since February 15th, 2000, when Dikembe Mutombo recorded a 21-13-11 triple-double. The Hawks are on a four-game winning streak.

Reaction Grades: [assessed 0-10]

Josh Smith: Another classic Josh Smith game; he had 10 points on 12 shots, but also had eight assists and two blocks. Sure, sometimes you might wish Drew would sit him when he’s jacking up Js, but the team absolutely falls apart when he’s not on the court. So, I’ll live with it for now. 5/10

Al Horford: FANTASTIC game from Al. He was 13-17 from the field, grabbed 13 boards, and made almost zero mistakes. The Hawks were running great sets for him where he just able to lose Biyombo under the basket, which had to be frustrating for the sold-out Charlotte crowd. 10/10

Zaza Pachulia: Barely played at all before the fourth quarter, but he sure as hell brought it for that last frame. It all started at the end of the third off of a driving layup from halfcourt. After that, he was all over the place, grabbing rebounds, diving for loose ball, and even leading the fastbreak. It’s a shame he only got 14 minutes. 9/10

Devin Harris: This is the third straight strong game from Harris, which is really starting to turn my opinion on him. He had three blocks, was efficient from the field, and he had zero turnovers. 8/10

Jeff Teague: This was his second double-double on the year, which included a season high 12 assists. Once again, he probably had fewer minutes than he should have in the second half, but his play really wasn’t too great; Jeff was 1-6 from the field, but had five assists. The overall performance is still strong, though. 8/10

Lou Williams: He also had three blocks, but only had six points in 26 minutes. I’m not sure what Atlanta’s offensive gameplan is when he is on the floor; the team falls into isolation ball, and usually becomes stagnant, even though Lou isn’t exactly playing bad. Keep the ball moving, fellas! 6/10

Kyle Korver: Another great game for Kyle, who has apparently shaken off his early-season shooting slump. He’s shooting 53% from behind the arc over his last five games, and managed to add two blocks and six boards to this contest. Of course, he also managed to leave some of Charlotte’s guards open, which led to some buckets for the guys in orange and blue. 7/10

DeShawn Stevenson: Nine points and six boards on efficient boards isn’t bad, put he also managed to leave some shooters open defensively, and somehow turned the ball over four times. Not terrible, but not exactly great from him either. 5/10

Ivan Johnson: It’s going to be hard for him to find minutes when Al and Zaza are playing this well. Can’t fault LD or Ivan for his playing time in this one. 3/10

Anthony Morrow: Played five minutes, made a shot, and committed two fouls. Rinse, wash, repeat. 2/10

Larry Drew: The only question I have from this one is why the team fell into constant isolations with Lou Williams running the point. You have a bunch of play-makers and shooters on the floor; pass the rock! 8/10

The opposition: I really like this team. Even though they were getting out-played, they kept finding ways to fight back in this one. (which they’ve sort of being doing the entire season) I really like MKG and Kemba, and they even had a sold-out crowd tonight. Maybe there is a future in Charlotte. 6/10


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