RECAP: Hawks 101, Wizards 100 (OT)

Bo Churney —  November 21, 2012


WAS(0-10) 100 – 101 (6-4) ATL

Key Performers:

J. Smith (ATL): 25 pts, 12 rebs, 4 blks
K. Seraphin (WAS): 21 pts, 10 rebs

Atlanta pulled out a clo… hold on, Al Horford just missed another free throw. As I was saying, Atlanta used a Kyle Korver three-pointer to beat the winless Wizards. The game would have been over sooner if… ugh, give me a minute, one of Horford’s missed free throws just set my car alarm off.

Reaction Grades: [assessed 0-10]

Josh Smith: He started to get jumper happy late in the game, but his work earlier in the game was why Atlanta even had a chance later. He had an efficient 25 and 12, and *GASP* made all of his free throw. He did, however, have six turnovers before he fouled out in overtime. 8/10

Al Horford: This was such an enigmatic game from him. He did have 10 assists, but he appeared timid on a lot of open shots, leading to a 7-17 night from him and an Andris Biedrins-like night from the line. (1-10) 15-9-10 is still pretty good, though, even if he did let Seraphin go off on him. 6/10

Zaza Pachulia: LD ended up riding the starters for most of the 2nd-half and OT, so Zaza only got 19 minutes of PT. He did have seven points, six boards, and two assists, though, including a play were he led a fastbreak with Al Horford. 7/10

Lou Williams: Didn’t play at all in the fourth quarter or overtime, which was probably the right decision. He just wasn’t playing well, as he was almost only shooting jumpers, and didn’t make a single trip to the foul line. 3/10

Jeff Teague: He was 6-18 from the field, but he didn’t have any turnovers. Unlike Lou Williams, Teague was continually getting into the paint, setting up opportunities for Josh and Al. If he was hitting floaters and layups, this game could have been over early. 5/10

Kyle Korver: KYLE KORVER FOR THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! The only shots he took were threes, and he made 5 of 12 of them, including the most important one. 6/10

Ivan Johnson: Had no points, rebounds, and two turnovers in six minutes. The team was minus-13 when he was on the floor. Not good. 1/10

Devin Harris: He only had one big error that I remember, which was missing a layup on a fastbreak. Otherwise, he played extremely well and made shots when the team needed him to. 7/10

Anthony Morrow: He played?!?! (I know he did, but he seriously left no impact on the game at all) 1/10

DeShawn Stevenson: Didn’t really get a chance to do anything, but he did have two points and four boards in nine minutes. So that’s… meh? 3/10

Larry Drew: This game shouldn’t have been close, but that wasn’t really because he made any mistakes. He essentially had his five best players out there when the game was in question. It’s not his fault that his players weren’t making shots. 7/10

The opposition: They were pretty bad, but Seraphin and AJ Price showed some promise. Who knows, they might not be completely terrible when John Wall and Nene are back at full strength. 2/10


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