RECAP: Hawks 93, Pistons 85

Bo Churney —  November 21, 2013


DET(4-7) 85 – 93 (7-5)ATL

Key Performers:
D. Carroll (ATL): 11 pts, 12 reb, 3 ast, 2 stl, 2 blk
B. Jennings (DET): 21 pts, 7 reb, 6 ast

This isn’t the place to talk about Josh Smith’s return to Atlanta; you can see that here.

The Hawks used a 50-39 second half score to beat the Pistons in the first of their four matchups this season. Despite the victory, the Hawks had a lot of holes, turning the ball over 21 times and allowing the Pistons to get 15 offensive rebounds. The Hawks did control the paint on the offensive end, however, by getting to the free throw line 24 times. In true Hawk fashion, they only made 70% of those free throws.

Reaction Grades: [assessed 0-10]

Al Horford: Odd game from Horford in this one. He only took seven shots, but the Hawks were able to use his masterful defensive performance to carry them over the top. Horford had five blocked shots on the night, and he was a menace for Detroit’s pick-and-roll attack. That being said, I’d still prefer him to be taking more than seven shots in a game. 7.5/10

Jeff Teague: Five turnovers from Teague, but that was a team issue tonight more than it was a Jeff issue. Otherwise, Teague was great at running the offense, finishing the game with 18 points and seven assists. Defensively, he was a bit of a mess tonight, as he let Brandon Jennings get away from him way too often. 6/10

Paul Millsap: Good to see Paul back in the starting lineup after sitting out the Miami game. Millsap did well, scoring 19 points on 8-for-14 shooting. That was about it, as he only played 28 minutes on the night. 7/10

DeMarre Carroll: DeMarre might have been the best player on the floor for the Hawks in last night’s game. He did very well at limiting Josh Smith’s opportunities in the paint, grabbed a career-high 12 rebounds, and even added 11 points, three assists, two blocks, and two steals. Great job by DeMarre to fill up the stat sheet. 9/10

Kyle Korver: Speaking of stat sheets, the way Kyle is filling up the box score so far this season is pretty impressive. On the season, Kyle is averaging over 12 points, four rebounds, almost three assists, and a steal and a block. Oh, and he’s shooting over 50% on threes and has a three-point streak of 85 games. 6/10

Shelvin Mack: Shelvin was pretty good in his last two games… he was the opposite of that in this game. He was also responsible for letting the Detroit guards go off, and he compounded those problems by not doing a lot on offense, although to his credit, he did have three assists and no turnovers. 5/10

Mike Scott: My ride on the Mike Scott bandwagon is becoming more and more crowded by the day… and I like it. Mike notched his fifth game of double-figure scoring on the season, putting in 11 points against Detroit. Nine of those points came in the fourth quarter, which led to Coach Budenholzer allowing Scott to finish the game with the starters. Scott was the only bench player to have a positive plus-minus rating. He also did push ups after getting an and-one, so a bonus point for that. 8/10

Gustavo Ayon: I love Gustavo, but having him go up on Drummond at times wasn’t the best of strategies. Otherwise, he had seven points on the night, and had a BEAUTIFUL outlet pass in the second quarter that left me in awe. 6/10

Lou Williams In his second game, he did well in his 15 minutes of playing time. Six points and five assists with zero turnovers. With the way Lou and the Hawks play, I foresee a lot of games where Lou is racking up assists. 7/10

Cartier Martin: Ugh… Cartier was a minus-14 on the night, the worst on the team. His defense and ball-handling just seem to keep getting worse and worse. 2/10

Mike Budenholzer: The past two games, Bud put in a lineup that was entirely the bench unit… I don’t like it. Even with Lou Williams back in the rotation, I don’t think the Hawks have enough depth to do this regularly. At one point, the Hawks had a lineup of Shelvin, Cartier, DeMarre, Mike Scott, and Gustavo… just… who do we expect to do anything with that lineup? 7/10

The opposition: Jennings and Stuckey took advantage of Atlanta’s weaker offense at the guard positions, but the Detroit bigs really couldn’t get anything going. Often times, they were doubled down low, and because of the spacing issues of Smith-Monroe-Drummond, they had no one to kick it out to. 6/10


Next: Atlanta at Detroit, Friday, November 22nd

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2 responses to RECAP: Hawks 93, Pistons 85

  1. Korver couldn’t stop Rodney stuckey to save his life yesterday, Korver should have gotten a lower grade than teague because korver was more of a defensive liability.

  2. Liking what I see from Carroll. I’m thinking this is more of a improving at his craft jump in his numbers rather than a hot streak. Maybe the 3 point shot doesn’t come around this year, but I’ve been impressed by his play overall so far this year.