RECAP: Hawks 93, Raptors 92

Bo Churney —  January 31, 2013


TOR(16-30) 92 – 93 (26-19)ATL

Key Performers:

A. Horford (ATL): 22 pts, 10 reb, 6 ast, 3 blk
D. DeRozan (TOR): 23 pts, 4 reb, 2 ast

Toronto traded Jose Calderon and Ed Davis before the start of the game, and only had nine healthy players total… so, of course, that means the Hawks made a close game out of it. After trailing 55-45 at the half, Coach Drew apparently laid in to his players in the locker room, and it showed in a 30-14 third quarter advantage for the home team. The Raptors didn’t quit though, as they kept the game close, had the lead with under a minute remaining, and even had a chance to win on the final possession of the game. However, after a wild possession that probably saw 15 total fouls committed, the Hawks walked off the floor as the victors.

Reaction Grades: [assessed 0-10]

Josh Smith: Had some trouble with his shot and finishing around the rim in this one, but he was getting to the line, and, GASP, he made the majority of his free throws! He was all over the place on defense, effectively shutting down Amir Johnson and DeRozan at times. His final line of 20-11-3-3-3 is something that should be appreciated. 8.5/10

Al Horford: The Raptors ran some plays early that got Aaron Gray some buckets, which is on Al. However, he was extremely efficient from the field, and was dropping some great passes to his teammates in both set plays and on the secondary break. In the fourth quarter, he had the game-winning bucket off an LD timeout play, blocked Kyle Lowry on what would have been the game-winner, and then probably fouled DeRozan (wasn’t called) on that last, wacky possession. 8.5/10

Devin Harris: Devin wasn’t nearly as aggressive in this game as he probably should have been, as seen by the majority of his shot attempts coming from behind the arc. Coach Drew said Devin’s foot injury is still bothering him, which has probably contributed to his last two “meh” performances. 5/10

Kyle Korver: You know that Kyle is shooting well when he draws a double-team late in the fourth quarter. (which is what allowed Al to get open for that dunk) Ever since that 58-point debacle in Chicago, Korver is averaging almost 17 points per game, while shooting 58% from three-point range. (on seven attempts per game) He’s been a huge reason as to why the Hawks have been able to stabilize over the past few games. 8/10

Jeff Teague: I’m just going to start making this Jeff’s permanent comment: “Jeff played aggressive in one half and the Hawks were good. Jeff played passive in the other half and the Hawks weren’t so good.” That works for about every game, right? Coach Drew needs to find ways to keep JT motivated, as even LD says that the Hawks thrive when Jeff is being aggressive. Teague no longer has the excuse that he might get pulled if he makes a mistake; it’s his team to run now, and he needs to be more consistent with it. 6.5/10

DeShawn Stevenson: Considering that he’s only really used for spotting up on offense, turning the ball over twice in under 20 minutes is essentially a failure from DeShawn on that end. On defense, DeRozan got a couple of buckets on him. He hit two threes, though, which is really the only thing keeping his grade up. 5/10

John Jenkins: Learn to pull the trigger, young fella! Considering that his work in the other facets of the game appear to be improving, he has to know that missing a shot isn’t going to be the end of the world for him. He hesitated on a couple of open looks in this one, which probably turned what could have been a 15 point game from him into a five point one. 3/10

Ivan Johnson: Ivan wasn’t as strong on the boards as he usually is, but he was leaking out in transition as a consolation. As a result, he had an absolutely huge dunk in the third quarter that helped energize the team what turned out to be the pivotal quarter for the Hawks. 6/10

Jannero Pargo: Hard to find a lot of things wrong with what he did on the court, but he played five minutes and had nothing positive to show for it. 2/10

Larry Drew: I’m pretty sure that as I’m typing this, LD is sitting in a dark room, by himself, scheming up the next play he is going to run out of a timeout. Great play calling aside, you can tell Drew is getting frustrated with how much he’s having to coach effort to the guys. He recognized that it’s his job in the postgame interview, but he couldn’t have to coach up the guys every single game, and he knows that. Hopefully he keeps his strong efforts up, otherwise the Hawks could fall into the pits extremely quickly. 9/10

The opposition: Considering that half of their team was either injured or just traded, they gave a great effort, and almost knocked off the Hawks while being shorthanded. I’m extremely interested in what this team can do with Kyle Lowry finally having free reign at point guard; Lowry’s a good player, and hasn’t been in that position in a while. Who knows, maybe being reunited with his friend Rudy Gay can send him to an even higher level. 8/10


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