RECAP: Heat 104, Hawks 88

Chris Barnewall —  November 20, 2013


MIA(8-3) 104 – 88 (6-5)ATL   

Key Performers:
C. Bosh (MIA): 19 pts, 5 reb
M. Scott (ATL): 15 pts, 10 reb

The Hawks kept it close for awhile and gave the Heat a run for their money but they couldn’t hold on forever. A huge game out of Chris Bosh, some momentum changing 3’s by Mario Chalmers, and turnovers is what did the Hawks in tonight.

For most of the game the Hawks were keeping the game close. They were running up and down the court, keeping pace with a Heat team that has one of the most efficient offenses in the NBA. There was one player they couldn’t keep up with however and that was Chris Bosh. Bosh torched the team with 19 points and 5 rebounds. He was all over the court, topping it off with a highlight dive into the stands as he chased a loose ball.

Midway through the 3rd quarter there was a stretch in the game where the ball was bouncing all over the place, the Hawks couldn’t hold on to the ball. The Hawks let the Heat get out into transition and that will almost certainly destroy any hopes a team has at winning against them. The player to make the Hawks pay? None other than Mario Chalmers. Chalmers scored nine straight points and from that point on, the Heat never looked back.

The reason this stretch was allowed to happen was because the Heat covered the ball in butter. Okay actually it was cause the Hawks were rushing and looked completely out of synch. The ball was flying everywhere except to teammates. By the time they stopped themselves it was too late, the Heat were comfortably ahead. The Hawks could have survived Bosh’s monster game and Chalmers 3’s; they couldn’t survive the turnovers.

Reaction Grades: [assessed 0-10]

Al Horford: Horford started at the power forward position tonight next to Ayon. He had an okay game on offense going 5/9 with 12 points. He didn’t get to the free throw line very often but I’ll give credit to the Heat where it’s due. They did a good job of not fouling him. My main complaint with Horford was the turnovers. He had 7 of them, 6 in the 1st half. A usually low turnover guy it was really weird seeing him turn the ball over as much as he did. 7/10

Jeff Teague: Teague had a rough game shooting wise going 4-for-13 and looking very uncomfortable when trying to score. He had a moment early in the game where he drove straight to the basket with a Heat defender just waiting for him, his shot was rejected. His defense was also very shaky tonight with some bad fouls and confusion. He managed to keep the offense into a system at least as he had 7 assists and kept the ball moving. 5/10

Gustavo Ayon: Starting in place of the injured Paul Millsap, Ayon didn’t have too bad a game. He had some defensive issues whenever he ended up on Bosh and that cost the Hawks plenty of times. Besides that though he had an okay game. Didn’t make a huge impact, but didn’t hurt the team outside of when he was guarding Bosh. 6/10

DeMarre Carroll: Another solid game for Carroll. His 3 point shooting is becoming more of a threat as he shot 2-for-3 from three point land tonight. His defense was solid as always. 7/10

Kyle Korver: Every shot Korver took was a 3 as he did his best to try and exploit the Heat’s perimeter defense. Unfortunately for him, the Heat did a pretty good job of making him work for every shot. He had two steals and had his usual solid help D. The streak is 84 now, which Korver got out of the way early having it be the Hawks first points of the game. 8/10

Shelvin Mack: Mack playing 25 minutes was unexpected to say the least. He made the most of his time out there going 3-for-6 and scoring seven points. He didn’t have a huge impact on the gam,e but he didn’t ruin things out there. 5/10

Mike Scott: Mike Scott had a double double and led the team in scoring. Yeah, that was weird to see. He played great though. Defense could have been better, but really you can say that about everybody tonight against the Heat. He made the right plays on offense and crashed the boards. Great game for Scott. 9/10

John Jenkins: Fellow HawksHoop blogger Bo Churney said it best in this tweet “I know it’s Miami, but the way John Jenkins has played tonight probably helps explain why he hasn’t been playing.” 3/10

Pero Antic: Antic had a good game. He shot 3’s. He played defense. Typical Antic game. He tried shooting this running floater a couple times and that confused me a little, but it kinda worked… 6/10

Cartier Martin: Oof. Nobody was hurt more by the Heat’s defense than Martin. He couldn’t get a thing going. 1/10

Dennis Schröder: Didn’t get a lot of playing time… INC/10

Elton Brand: See above. INC/10

Mike Budenholzer: Coach Budenholzer kept his guys in it for a long time. His rotations were fine and he seemed to know when to mix things up a little. He had a lineup here and there that was a little weird but I think part of that was experimenting and the other was keeping his guys fresh since they have a back to back against Detroit. I’m not sure if Budenholzer is a believer in momentum or not but there was a couple times where he took a timeout and it felt like it would have been better done a possession earlier. However that’s only a tiny gripe on my part. 8/10

The opposition: It was the Miami Heat. The world champions. There’s a reason they’re the favorites to win the NBA title again. Despite Dwyane Wade not playing, for rest, they still played lights out basketball. Incredible defense, amazing ball movement, and of course they have LeBron James. The only thing they didn’t do well was they allowed the Hawks to shoot 45% from 3 which is largely what kept them in the game. 9/10


Next: Atlanta vs Detroit, Wednesday, November 20th

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2 responses to RECAP: Heat 104, Hawks 88

  1. I don’t understand why Horford got a 7… The Heat have the worst frontcourt in the NBA and he takes only 9 shots and pulls down just 7 Rebounds. THat’s inexcusable in and of itself, but to combine that with 7 turovers and the fact that he didn’t score and only had two rebounds in the second half! I don’t understand this performance for Al, especially considering that we was able to play PF and had more freedom to be as dynamic as possible on offense. I don’t mean to quibble about a meaningless and mostly arbitrary grade, but Horford could have been the difference in pulling this one out and he fell flat on his face. To think, we pulled to 80-71 in the third quarter, so we weren’t out of it by any means. This was just classic Hawks falling on their face when playing a team that is generally considered better than them.

    • I gave Horford a 7 because despite the turnovers and lack of scoring he still had a good game defensively. Not all of the turnovers were his fault as a few of them he was given the ball in a bad spot where it was easy for the ball to be taken away from him. I also think you’re underrating just how good the Heat’s help defense is. Whenever Horford got the ball he was swarmed by defenders, thus the high turnovers. Going 5/9 against that defense was a lot harder than it looked