RECAP: Nets 127, Hawks 110

Chris Barnewall —  January 16, 2014


BKN.gif(16-22) 91 – 86 (20-19)ATL

Key Performers:
J. Johnson (BKN): 29 pts, 4 reb, 5 ast
S. Mack (ATL): 17 pts, 2 reb, 7 ast, 2 stl

Joe Johnson burned his old team in this one. Johnson had 26 points in the 1st half on 10-for-13 (76%) shooting. He then followed that up by making one shot the entire second half to give himself 29 points for the game. The Hawks didn’t play the worst defense in the world. It wasn’t good, but we’ve seen worse. The Nets were just making a stupid amount of shots. They shot 59% from three for goodness sakes! The Hawks are okay by forcing a team to shoot mid-range jump shots, but when that happens, the opponent doesn’t usually go and shoot 60% from mid range.

The offense was really hard to judge because the Hawks were constantly losing. At first the Hawks were trying to get to the rim as much as possible, after they went down they changed up their offense a little to work more on the perimeter and get some three-point shots. Both of these were decently effective, but it wasn’t effective enough to keep them in the game when the Nets were hitting everything they took.

Reaction grades [assessed 0-10]:

Paul Millsap: Millsap’s had better days. Without Horford a lot of the focus has now been shifted on Millsap. While he’s been able to step up, we’re going to get some stinkers every once in awhile. Today was one of those games with a 5-for-13 performance from the field. Millsap could never get anything going on offense. 5/10

Pero Antic: Antic continued his recent string of solid play. Antic is still a rotation player starting in place of an injured star, but he’s had some great moments. His rotations today at the rim were causing the Nets some difficulties and on another day we might have been talking about how his at rim defense was a game-changer. 7/10

Jeff Teague: Oh Teague… you really miss your favorite pick-and-roll partner don’t you? Teague went 4-for-13 from the field and couldn’t get any flow going in the offense. He was able to find other methods of offense, getting to the line four times and going 8-for-8 from the free throw line. 4/10

Kyle Korver: The streak lives on. Sadly Korver had to gun at the end to get it. He had a highlight block. That’s about all the good things he did.2/10

Elton Brand: Brand had another solid game. He was perfect from the field and managed to pull down four rebounds. His rim protection was like the day of old with four blocks. 7/10

Mike Scott: Mike Scott had a great game. 6-for-9 from the field and despite the blowout he never took it easy. Mike Scott continuously being one of the best performing Hawks is starting to signal the dire situation the Hawks are in without Horford. 7/10

Shelvin Mack: Mack outplayed Teague again and while it’s nice to see Mack playing well, I don’t think that’s something we were expecting to see a lot. Mack was by far the best player on the floor today for the Hawks despite his sometimes shoddy defense. He had the offense running as we saw from his 7 assists and he was able to spark something on offense. By the time he did all of this though it was too little too late. 8/10

Lou Williams: It wasn’t Williams best game to say the least. On defense he seemed to be over matched no matter who he was guarding. On offense he could never seem to get himself open. Better luck next time Lou. 3/10

Dennis Schröder: Schröder had to have been excited to play in London where, according to the Hawks broadcast, he has some family. He also had some family members from Germany coming over to watch him play. Schröder was able to get to the rim and showed some flashes of that player we saw early in the year, but he’s still struggling to create for others against an NBA defense. 5/10

James Nunnally: The Hawks 10-day contract signee got eight minutes and while not amazingly impressive, he did go 2-for-3 and scored 8 points. 4/10

Mike Budenhozler: Nothing to really complain about. It’s hard to coach against a team that’s going nuts from the field. 7/10

Opposition: I hate downgrading from the Nets great game, but I can’t ignore how many mid range jump shots they got away with. Also, how many teams do we see go bonkers from three point land like that? That said, they still put up 127 points on someone and deserve any and all praise they get. 9/10

Next: Atlanta vs. Miami, Monday, January 20th

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  1. When Carroll is your most and only athletic wing then its gonna be a long season. When he isnt playing we have no chance against teams with decent scoring wings. Where is Marvin when you need him? Ha