RECAP: Raptors 104, Hawks 83

Buddy Grizzard —  February 13, 2014 — 7 Comments


TOR(28-24) 104 – 83 (25-26)ATL

Key Performers:
D. DeRozan (TOR): 31 pts, 5 reb, 3 ast, 2 stl
G. Ayon (ATL): 18 pts, 10 reb, 3 ast

Welcome to a special trade deadline edition of the Atlanta Hawks recap. In this edition we assess not just each Hawks’ performance against the Raptors, but their tradeworthiness. If tonight’s recap has somewhat of a somber tone, just consider this: Had the Hawks picked up just one of the numerous wins it left on the table before tonight, then won this game, we’d be talking about a Hawks team that went into the All-Star break in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference.

Reaction grades [assessed 0-10]:

Paul Millsap: DeMar DeRozan, Toronto’s All-Star shooting guard, scored 31 points on 19 shots in this game. Paul Millsap, Atlanta’s All-Star forward, scored 17 points on eight shots in this game. Eight. Shots.Tradeworthiness: Millsap’s combination of elite production and soon-to-be-expiring contract make him one of the best values in the NBA. You better get something spectacular for him. Game grade: 7/10

Lou Williams: It seems fairly apparent that the Hawks have either been showcasing Williams for a trade or trying to figure out what the backcourt is going to look like after they trade Jeff Teague. After getting some run as the backup point guard, Lou was pressed into service tonight as the starting shooting guard due to the hamstring injury to DeMarre Carroll. Tradeworthiness: After a 2-for-8 night, including 0-for-4 from three, Lou just isn’t all the way back. I don’t see any takers. Game grade: 2/10

Kyle Korver: After the Hawks played the Raptors virtually even in the first half, Korver’s second half started out like this: DeRozan hit a three that Korver didn’t bother to contest; Korver missed, then hit a three; DeRozan made an alley-opp layup over Korver’s indifferent defense; DeRozan hit a three on a late close-out by Korver for his 19th point and 57-49 Raptors lead. Tradeworthiness: Please, Danny Ferry, sell high. The streak was a cool story, bro, but I don’t want to see what Korver’s defense is going to look like in years 2-4 of this contract. Game grade: 2/10

Jeff Teague: Teague, 4-for-13 in this game, looks like one of those guys who doesn’t have that much love for the game. It gets him paid so he shows up, but that’s about as far as it goes. Tradeworthiness: I wrote after Teague’s pathetic performance in last year’s playoffs that the Hawks should only match an offer sheet if it was cheap enough that Teague could still be traded. Fortunately $8 million per season is affordable for a starting point guard. Get something if you can, Mr. Ferry. I just don’t know if you can win with a point guard who doesn’t care about winning. 2/10

Gustavo Ayon: Jonas Valanciunas, one of the best young centers in the NBA, was 1-for-9 in this game and didn’t score a basket until less than eight minutes to play in the 4th quarter. He was matched up the entire night with Gustavo Ayon, who scored a career-high 18 points on 9-for-11 shooting to go with 10 rebounds. Many in the blogosphere have questioned if Ayon is an NBA player. To those bloggers I would say, maybe blogging about American Idol is more your thing. Tradeworthiness: Any restricted free agent on a minimum contract who plays like that against a potential future All-Star is untouchable. Game Grade: 10/10

Elton Brand: Refs had it out for him tonight. I believe he was called for at least two fouls for breaking wind in the vicinity of Tyler Hansbrough. Nevertheless, the Hawks’ front court is not what lost this game. Tradeworthiness: I was harshly critical of giving Brand $4 million, but he has earned every cent so far. He could be a key component in any trade the Hawks make. Game grade: 3.5/10

Mike Scott: Scott’s play has been praise-worthy for much of this season, but he came back down to earth in this game. In one sequence in the fourth quarter, he followed up a pair of air balls by passing up an open shot, resulting in a shot clock violation. He then blew a layup off a beautiful feed from Ayon. Tradeworthiness: I might have to blog about American Idol after some of the things I’ve written about Scott. Turns out, despite this game, he’s an NBA player as well. Game grade: 2/10

Dennis Schröder: Schröder was 0-for-5 in this game and looked bad doing it. He doesn’t look the same against NBA talent as he does against Summer League talent, and I honestly don’t know if this is Atlanta’s point guard of the future. Tradeworthiness: Untouchable. Look, I may be in a bad mood right now, but this kid could still turn out to be a star. Game grade: 2/10

Shelvin Mack: Not handling his demotion well. Went scoreless but did have three assists and rebounds against two turnovers. Tradeworthiness: Mack is a very interesting piece for any team that needs help at point guard. He’s had a very solid season but I’d love to see the Hawks flip him for an asset and get Schröder more run. Game grade: 2/10

Cartier Martin: Should have started him at small forward. He played with about five times as much passion as Korver in this game, but was still a team-worst -17. Tradeworthiness: Any team in the league can have him for the price of his next 10-day contract after his current one expires. Game grade: 3.5/10

Mike Budenhozler: Two lousy wins. That’s the difference between going into the All-Star break in 3rd place in your first season as a head coach and going into the All-Star break in 5th on a 5-game losing streak. After the break, the schedule looks like this: Indiana, Washington, Detroit, New York, Chicago. Anybody betting that the Hawks will be better than 7th after that stretch? Tradeworthiness: Untouchable. Bud may make some head-scratching lineup decisions, and he’s no Larry Drew out of a timeout, but he’s the best Hawks coach since Lenny Wilkens… maybe since Mike Fratello. Game grade: 2/10

Opposition: Kyle Lowry and DeRozan dominated Atlanta’s guards in this game. I spent most of this season speculating about which of Teague and Lowry would make the All-Star team. Lowry didn’t make it either, but Toronto will enter the All-Star break in 3rd place in the East for one simple reason: The Raptors care more about winning than the Atlanta Hawks do. 8/10

Next: Atlanta at Indiana, Tuesday, February 18th

Buddy Grizzard


7 responses to RECAP: Raptors 104, Hawks 83

  1. 5gamelosingstreaklol February 13, 2014 at 2:05 am

    “After the break, the schedule looks like this: Indiana, Washington, Detroit, New York, Chicago. Anybody betting that the Hawks will be better than 7th after that stretch? ”

    @Indy is real tough, but vs Washington, @Detroit, vs NYK, vs Chicago, and also @Boston the day after the Bulls game are all winnable games. If they come out playing like the Hawks we saw pre 5 game skid (the break will help tremendously) they can (even if they, like they should, lose to Indy to push the losing streak to 6) win the rest of those games. Who knows what the roster will look like post deadline though. I would be happy moving Teague as I agree he just doesn’t show too much heart. His value is relatively low, but maybe they could put a package together and get something nice in return. Maybe a solid SF or some front court depth (please someone who can rebound) I wouldn’t mind having Shelvin start at PG. We looked actually pretty decent when Teague was sidelined with that ankle. Here’s to hoping Danny makes the right moves, which I’m sure he will.

  2. Probably not fair to say the Raptors care more about winning when Horford has been lost for the season. I say that without the benefit of watching games day in and day out.

  3. Keep Korver, Carroll, Ayon, Scott, Mack, Dennis, Martin and brand.

    Get rid of teague. He is an average to below average starting pg in the league who goes through the motions. He is an elite athlete, and seems like a decent person/good teamate but you won’t win with hm as your pg. He doesn’t shoot well enough to be off ball, and he doesn’t create well enough to be your primary ballhandler.

    Keep Milsap only if you are going to get a Superstar by trading al Horford. Playing milsap and horford together as your pf and center is not going to win you a chip. They are just to small to compete against the elite teams. Milsap’s contract is good, but please believe you will have to pay him alot to keep him past next year. So I say trade milsap in the offseason once horford returns, for a center so that you can put horford at his natural position before he is no longer in his prime.

    The hawks are a team that doesn’t rebound well, nor do they play great defense. Being able to shoot and pass will get you wins in the regular season, but against elite teams you have to rebound and play defense. We need a center.

    • 5gamelosingstreaklol February 13, 2014 at 3:35 pm

      Horford is untouchable. I agree they should move Teague, but Horford and Millsap are a good pair. If we got some more size on the bench we could keep both. (Maybe a guy like Willie Cauley-Stein in the draft?) And don’t forget we have Lucas coming over (possibly) next year.

  4. “Probably not fair to say the Raptors care more about winning when Horford has been lost for the season.”

    Ayon completely dominated Valanciunas. This game wasn’t lost by the front court. It was lost by Atlanta’s guards.

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