Hawks Rap Review: Lou Williams’ First Single “Playin Wit Dem Racks”

Robby Kalland —  May 24, 2013

Atlanta Hawks shooting guard Lou Williams has had some free time on his hands as he rehabs from ACL surgery. In that free time, Williams has made his first foray into the rap game, releasing his first single “Playin Wit Dem Racks.” Williams has long wanted to venture into making rap music and has had his share of features on other artists tracks. It is well known that LouWill is a long-time friend of Meek Mill, a member of Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, and Williams frequently can be spotted out at clubs with many rappers. You can listen to “Playin Wit Dem Racks” by Lou Williams featuring Anakin & Bop here.  (Warning: Very Strong Language).


My first thought was that I was relatively impressed by Williams’ flow. He clearly is influenced heavily by his boy Meek Mill as he has much of the same sound and lyrical rhythm as Meek with the way he fluctuates speed and pitch. Williams was the strongest on the track by far, and had some quality lyrics. If this is an indication of Williams’ future rap career, then he could become one of the best basketball player/rappers. That admittedly is not a difficult feat with so many awful attempts in the 90s by basketball players, but he could climb into the Stack Jack (Stephen Jackson) range. Now, onto the highlights.

Lyrical Highlights from Anakin and Bop:

Lou’s crew is made of bigger tennis fans than I expected:

“I feel like Roger Federer, you know I play wit dem racks. I got that Serena Williams ho, you know I’m playin’ wit dem racks.”

So what it’s been 8 years since Chappelle’s Show was on the air, we need more Dylan references in rap songs. SPIT THAT HOT FIRE:

“I feel like Dylan, the way I’m makin’ these bands.”

A rare Jaguar reference in the chorus:

“I want that XKR, I need that drop-top Jag”

Clearly a thesaurus was in the room:

“I’m fornicatin’ with da block, I f*****’ round wit dat pack.”

Lou’s Lyrical Highlights: 

Lou needs the proper sized car. Lamborghini’s just won’t cut it:

“I copped a Ghost, just to say that I did, I had to trade the Lam, I couldn’t fit in that b****”

As he continues, we learn that LouWill is extremely generous…and spends an inordinate amount of time at car dealerships:

“I bought my girl a Porche, she was happy as s***, and on that same day, I bought my Momma a Benz”

If it isn’t a special day for you, LouWill could care less about your opinion when it comes to cake:

“What da f*** you boys gon’ tell me, about cake you must be crazy, it ain’t ya birthday, it ain’t ya wedding day, so hush boy lemme do me”

Lou talks the way you text and will educate you about mayonnaise’s density:

“LOL, LMAO, my pockets thicker than mayo”

Lou keeps with the mayo theme before dropping that hot fire:

“My new chick, that’s a miracle whip, that’s a Ghost, Manti Te’o”


“That’s a Ghost, Manti Te’o”


Well done LouWill, well done.



Robby Kalland


4 responses to Hawks Rap Review: Lou Williams’ First Single “Playin Wit Dem Racks”

  1. Wish he had Drose’s work ethic. get in the damn gym.

    • Robby Kalland May 24, 2013 at 9:01 pm

      Hahaha. That’s hilarious. You don’t know a thing about Lou’s work ethic. Lou is constantly in the gym. He was putting set shots up before the playoff games. He rehabs for hours a day, but that still leaves plenty of free time to do other things, like rap.

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  2. I hope he gets better soon, hawks need him back. He needs to hit the gym