This Week In The Southeast: Season Recap

Chris Barnewall —  April 18, 2015

Atlanta Hawks, 60-22, 1st in the East ATL

Wow, what an incredible year for the Atlanta Hawks. Anybody that had watched the Hawks last year knew how injured they were, and how much better they were going to be this season, but 60 wins? Not even the most optimistic of Hawks fans believed that this team had that in them. They set all kinds of franchise records, got the entire city of Atlanta behind them in support, and they even brought back the old school pac man logo. Now, everything shifts. It would be easy to say that no matter what happens Atlanta had a successful season, but Hawks fans will say otherwise. This is a franchise that has never once been to the conference finals their entire time in Atlanta, despite years and years of going to the playoffs. Hawks fans are tired of being the constant image of mediocrity. It’s conference finals, or failure, with this team.

Washington Wizards, 46-36, 5th in the East WAS

Yeesh, the Washington Wizards had one heck of a weird season. They started off the year battling the Toronto Raptors for the number one seed in the entire conference, and had what felt like everybody on their bandwagon. Flash forward a few months and they’re in a nosedive towards the middle of the pack while teams like the Hawks, Bulls, and Cavs passed them. Now they enter the playoffs with the same seed as last year, arguably playing worse, and have to defeat those same Toronto Raptors. Bet both teams wish it was December again.

Miami Heat, 37-45, 10th in the East MIA

Remember how we all thought the Miami Heat were still going to compete this season without LeBron? Yeah, injuries are kind of a bummer like that. Not only did the Heat lose Dwyane Wade for an extended period of time, but then Chris Bosh had complications with blood clots. He’s okay now, and thank goodness for that, but man losing your two best players makes it really hard to get anything going. Even after trading for Goran Dragic they were never able to get healthy enough to form a run. Disappointing for a team that had high expectations for themselves.

Charlotte Hornets, 33-49, 10th in the East CHA_Hornets

Ughhhhhhhh the Charlotte Hornets. They had everybody excited, and many people had them right in the middle of the playoffs at a four or five spot. Instead, they fell flat on their face and became the NBA’s most disappointing team of the season. The offense was a disaster and the defense wasn’t up to par from last year’s expectations. They had a ton of injuries, and the name Lance Stephenson is taboo within the fanbase at this point. The Hornets stunk this year and that’s all there is to it. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was fun though.

Orlando Magic, 25-57, 13th in the East ORL

The Orlando Magic did not do what they wanted to do this season. They weren’t expecting to make the playoffs, but they wanted to be in the hunt. However, what was most important to them was to see progress from a team standpoint. Individual improvement was find and dandy, but the team had to establish an identity of some sort. Instead, they fumbled around unsure of what they wanted to be and lost a bunch of games. The low point of the season was how the front office completely embarrassed themselves in how they handled their firing of Jacque Vaughn. The only positive from the season is that Elfird Payton has played like a rookie of the year candidate, and would probably win it if Andrew Wiggins wasn’t a thing.

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  1. “This is a franchise that has never once been to the conference finals their entire time in Atlanta, despite years and years of going to the playoffs.” This statement is misleading. Atlanta has never been to the Eastern Conference Finals but they have twice played in the Western Division Finals (1967 & 1968). Although they were called Division not Conference at that point in time, they were still one step away from the NBA Finals.