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Similar to the first meeting back in January, the lowly Bucks gave the Hawks all they had and then some.

Atlanta weathered the storm, came back, took the lead, but eventually fell in double OT 117-109. It’s the third straight loss at home, which has not happened since 2004.

“Anytime the game goes two overtimes, there are opportunities for both teams. In the second overtime, they got a little separation, a couple baskets we were not able to score. Our execution could be better in some situations, including at the end of games.”

So much buzz surrounded the team over the break about the futures of Al Horford, Jeff Teague and Dennis Schröder, back-to-back losses like these only bring on more questions and frustration. The offense is a little out of sync, piling up 21 turnovers versus Miami on Friday and shooting just 44% from the field against Milwaukee.

“It’s very disappointing,” Horford, who ended with 17 points and nine rebounds, said postgame. “We have nice homestand here. This is not the way we pictured it going. We are really in a hole right now.” Continue Reading…

4-on-4: Hawks at the Break

Bo Churney —  February 16, 2013

Why go 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 when you can go 4-on-4, and have to awkwardly decide whether you can play full court or half court?

Anyways, it’s the All-Star Break and the Hawks currently sit at 29-22, good enough for sixth in the East, all while mired in constant trade rumors about Josh Smith.

What do the Hawks experts think?

1. Have the Hawks exceeded or disappointed on your expectations for them so far? Or are they exactly where you expected them to be?

Bo Churney: After the hot start to the season, it could be easy for someone to say that the Hawks have disappointed, but overall, they are about exactly where I thought they would be: middle of pack in the East, with an outside shot at 50 wins. However, one could easily look at the loss of Lou Williams as a major reason to why the Hawks aren’t exceeding expectations right now.

Buddy Grizzard: Only the Hawks could exceed expectations while disappointing. If the Hawks had won just one more game, say the 1-point loss at Detroit, the team would be even in the loss column with 3rd-place Indiana. Tantalizingly close to a breakout, but somehow still same-old, same-old. How completely Atlanta Hawks is that?

Robby Kalland, Peachtree Hoops: They’ve been regular (shout-out Ivan). I had predicted them to go 45-37 at the beginning of the year so 29-22 is just above that pace. Like many recent Hawks teams this squad seems to play to the level of their competition as they’ve had some impressive wins (MEM, OKC, LAC) but had disappointing losses (WAS, CLE, NOH). They’ve been more exciting, but right around where I expected them to be.

Raj Prashad: Atlanta heads into the break clinging to the No. 6 seed, so I’d say it’s about where I expected them to be after temporarily rebuilding this summer. Continue Reading…