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Mack the odd-man out?

Bo Churney —  July 26, 2013

With the Pero Antic signing, the Hawks now have 10 men on guaranteed contracts for the 2013-14 season. Jared Cunningham’s contract can still be bought-out and DeMarre Carroll still hasn’t been signed, but for the most part, the ATL roster is taking shape.

So where does this leave Shelvin Mack?

Mack is one of three un-guaranteed contracts left on the roster, with Mike Scott and DeShawn Stevenson. Mike Scott’s performance in Summer League could push the team to pick up his option and the fact that Stevenson is still on the roster seems to indicate that the team is leaning towards keeping him.

Then you have this news on the Hawks looking to buy-out Lucas Nogueira’s contract with his Spanish team, Estudiantes. While Lucas could be better served by getting another year of playing time over in Europe, you have to consider this: Nogueira’s biggest weakness so far has been his lack of strength. He shows great instincts both offensively and defensively in the pick-and-roll, runs the floor well, and can protect the rim. Isn’t it a possibility that he’d be better served working with an NBA training staff for that year?

Anyways, if that does happen, the Hawks would have 15 players under some sort of deal: Horford, Teague, Korver, Millsap, Brand, Williams, Stevenson, Schröder, Nogueira, Jenkins, Scott, Antic, Cunningham, Mack, and Carroll.

NBA rules allow a team to have 13 active players and two inactive players on the roster. So while Continue Reading…