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Budding Sets: Wheel Variation

Cole Patty —  November 29, 2013

The Spurs run a set they call Loop, where Tony Parker runs around two screens on the baseline. He curls around the second, and receives the ball with position to drive. The Hawks actually ran this exact set in last night’s game with Teague, but Jeff isn’t always the player on the baseline looking to get freed up. A variation of the Loop is a set the Rockets ran successfully last year called Wheel. In this set, a less able dribble — but bigger spot-up threat — goes baseline around the two screens but steps out beyond the three point line. If executed right, the team gets an open three for one of there biggest threats from downtown.

But, Budenholzer knows his players well already. He knows that he can tinker with these sets to accentuate the nontraditional bigs of the Hawks. In Houston, both the baseline screeners were bigmen. In Atlanta, there is only one screen Kyle gets around, as the second baseline player is DeMarre Carroll. Carroll instead of screening, cuts the opposite way. Instead of the defender having to choose to get out on the three point line or stop an immobile screener, it becomes a matter of knowing they could get beat by a matter of seconds in two opposite directions. As long as Horford’s screen is executed right, it becomes a matter of pick your poison.

Both these clips end in a miss unfortunately, but any team in the league would have Kyle Korver shoot open threes all day. He’s shooting 51,6% on threes total, and surely some of his misses have came on covered looks. Everyone knows this guy is deadly, so process takes a little precedence over result. Continue Reading…