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Dennis Schröder’s play so far in the 2014-15 season has been a revelation.

Schröder scored 12 points in the fourth quarter as Jeff Teague sat on the bench to lead the Hawks to a 91-85 victory over the Knicks. Schröder also chipped in four dimes and four rebounds in 28 minutes of play, the most playing time he has received all season.

Paul Millsap finally snapped out of his offensive woes, scoring 19 points on 3-for-4 shooting from 3. Millsap’s play was particularly strong in the the third quarter, where he scored 12 of the Hawks’ 26 points to help give the Hawks a 64-59 lead.

The Knicks out-shot the Hawks from the field, but the Hawks continously attacked New York’s interior, resulting in a 28-12 free throw advantage for Atlanta. More impressive was that the Hawks made 27 of their 28 attempts from the charity stripe, which has been a spot where the team has struggled over the last several seasons. The Knicks, on the other hand, compounded their lack of attempts by only making seven of their 12 attempts.

Kyle Korver survived an 0-for-8 shooting stretch to tally 17 points on the night. Continue Reading…

The Hawks’ double overtime loss on Friday night to the Hornets was a disaster. It would be easy to say that the Hawks would enter crisis mode had they lost to the Knicks the following night.

Crisis averted.

Kyle Korver scored a season-high 27 points on 6-for-9 shooting from 3-point range to propel the Hawks back from a 13-point halftime deficit to win 103-96. Korver also chipped in three blocked shots, which was part of a stronger defensive effort from the Hawks in the second half. After allowing 61 points in the first, the Hawks only allowed 35 points in the second, as the Knicks recorded more shot attempts than points over the final two periods. (13-for-38 shooting)

This game really was the tale of two halves, as the Hawks were absolutely dreadful on both ends of the court in the first half. Notable first half stats include 35% shooting, allowing 61 points and nine offensive rebounds, and recording only six assists. The defensive effort is what concerned Coach Budenholzer the most.

“We were more focused on our defense,” said Budenholzer on the difference between the two halves. “I didn’t realize we only had six [assists] in the first half or what we finished with. Defensively is where our focus was tonight. We have to continue to get better there. The offense will come.” Continue Reading…

Iman Shumpert Available?

Bo Churney —  June 23, 2014

Late last night, ESPN’s Marc Stein had this to say about New York Knicks shooting guard Iman Shumpert:

With the Hawks desperately needing a third player that can play defense on the perimeter, this news definitely piqued my interest. Shumpert can effectively play defense on both guard positions, plus he can occasionally guard the 3-position on teams that are small. Shumpert’s offense has been extremely inconsistent over his three NBA seasons, but there is one factor that was in New York that makes me think this can easily be fixed on a team like Atlanta: former Knicks head coach, Mike Woodson. Continue Reading…

RECAP: Knicks 95, Hawks 91

Bo Churney —  November 14, 2013


NYK(3-4) 95 – 91 (4-4)ATL

Key Performers:
A. Bargnani (NYK): 20 pts, 11 reb, 2 ast
J. Teague (ATL): 25 pts, 5 reb, 8 ast

If you’re a Hawks fan, this game was just depressing. With the Knicks missing their best defensive player in Tyson Chandler, the Hawks weren’t able to capitalize, only scoring 91 points on the night against New York. Atlanta’s offense was marred by bad three-point shooting and costly turnovers, which led to 23 points on the other end for the Knicks. To make matters worse, Andrea Bargnani had a huge night, as the Italian big man racked up his first 20-10 game in nearly two years.

Reaction Grades: [assessed 0-10]

Al Horford: Part of Bargnani going off is on Horford. Beyond that, though, he had some nice defensive possessions on Carmelo, and he and Jeff were a great pair on offense in the pick-and-roll. I felt he could have done more on offense against Bargnani in the one-on-one game, but alas, it didn’t happen. Also notably, he didn’t get called for a travel after getting called for it three times against Charlotte. 8/10

Paul Millsap: Millsap had to start regressing to the mean at some point. He’s had two consecutive off nights offensively now, part of which is just because he can’t get as involved as he would probably want. Going up against Carmelo, Paul had to expend a lot of energy on that end, and for the most part, he did a good job. When it came to putting the ball through the hoop, though, he just didn’t have it. 6/10

DeMarre Carroll: I know this is probably more on coaching than on DeMarre, but I’m rapidly losing faith in Carroll’s jump shot. He pulled up in semi-transition on one play and… like, why? I’d much rather see more of his shot attempts coming off of cuts to the basket. 5/10

Jeff Teague: Teague didn’t have the greatest night from the field (7-for-17), but at least he was attacking. His strong play netted him 14 free throw attempts, and there is really no reason for the Hawks to be losing when they get a strong 25-5-8 from their starting point guard. More on Teague in Schröder’s section. 9/10

Kyle Korver: Iman Shumpert and the Knicks generally did a good job chasing Kyle around off of screens, although Kyle was able to get away a couple of time, allowing him to extend his three-point streak to 81 games in a row. Defensively, he did swat the hell out of Bargnani on one play, so at least we’ll always have that as a memory. 6.5/10 Continue Reading…

2012-13 Record: 54-28 (2nd in East)z-knicks

Playoff Result: Lost in 2nd Round

Key Additions: Metta World Peace (free agent), Andrea Bargnani (trade), Tim Hardaway Jr. (draft)

Key Losses: Chris Copeland (free agent), Jason Kidd (retirement)

Projected 2013-14 Record: 44-38 (6th in East, aka Bo doesn’t trust them)*

What to expect: Am I allowed to say in the “what to expect” section that nobody is exactly sure what to expect? The Knicks are going to be a team that could be so many things. Everything could fall apart. Injuries could hit, the team could tune out Mike Woodson, losses pile up, they miss the playoffs and before you know it Carmelo Anthony is opting out of the final year of his contract and going elsewhere. Things could also go very far into the Knicks favor. Iman Shumpert can make a jump that turns him into a legit 2nd best player on an NBA team, Tyson Chandler can be the Defensive Player of the Year once again, Amare Stoudemire can embrace his 6th man role and lead the 2nd unit with J.R. Smith, creating a strong bench for the Knicks, and Melo could go ballistic to win the MVP. Obviously these are both extremes and both is unlikely to happen. What you have to do with the Knicks is find that good middle ground that fits them. Continue Reading…