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The Hawks have waived Jared Cunningham, per a press released from the team.

Cunningham only appeared in five games and scored two total points this season. He had a PER of -1.8 in 22 minutes of play.

The move opens up a roster spot for the Hawks, which they have used to sign Dexter Pittman to a 10-day contract, according to the AJC’s Chris Vivlamore. Pittman will be available tonight against the Knicks, also per Vivlamore. Pittman last played with Miami and Memphis.

There are a lot of pains on both ends of the game by adding a new coach with a completely new system. Terminology, roles, sets, and various other things can be so vastly different that even the most intelligent players can look out of sorts. For Atlanta’s offense, the transition has been much smoother than we expected. Usually that is the first place that people like to look for stuggles with a new coach, as typically it is assumed offense is more complex than defense. However, when you have bell-cows down low such as Paul Millsap and Al Horford who can consistently score the ball at the high level that they are, the growing pains are dramatically lessened.

The defensive cramps that come from change have been much more than cramps though. Atlanta’s defensive rating through six games is 103.7, which is poor enough to be tied for the 7th worst mark in the league. The main cause of this low mark has been opponents shooting the ball from deep often and effectively. The Hawks are giving up 9.8 threes a game, which is second most in the league, and they are also giving up a 40.7% 3PT% to the other team, which is the fourth worst mark. This combination is extremely deadly and is accentuated by teams like the Denver Nuggets going 14-for-25 this past Thursday night. Denver isn’t known as a team that is trying to beat their competition by shooting threes and shouldn’t have that kind of mark against anyone.

Let’s take a look at the shot chart on opponent’s three-pointers against the Hawks. Continue Reading…