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2012-13 Record: 56-26 (5th in West)z-grizzlies

Playoff Result: Lost in Conference Finals

Key Additions: Dave Joerger (head coach), Mike Miller (free agency), Jamaal Franklin (draft), Kosta Koufus (trade)

Key Losses: Lionel Hollins (former head coach)

Projected 2013-14 Record: 50-32 (6th in West)*

What to Expect: The Grizzlies had the second-most dominant defense in the entire league last year, made it to the Western Conference Finals, now get to play a full season with their post-Gay era squad which far outplayed their previous installment – and they also got a lot better this offseason.

Of all the “certainties” that can be proclaimed weeks before the 2014 season begins – calling Memphis one of the West’s and league’s best teams is a sound judgement.

The Grizzlies’ biggest issue last season was their offensive spacing. As suffocating as their defense was, oftentimes their offense got them in trouble – with misses leading to transition buckets for the opposition. The problem wasn’t simplicity, more so that the roster lacked shooters to make the offense function fluently. Zach Randolph was doubled and tripled in the post in last year’s Western Conference Finals to no end, all but shutting him down because of perimeter players being unable to make San Antonio pay from outside the arc. These troubles are partially alleviated with the signing of Mike Miller. Continue Reading…

In his season forecast for the Hawks, ESPN’s John Hollinger has predicted that the Hawks will finished sixth in the East with a 45-37 record. (link requires ESPN Insider)

It might be a bit of a stretch to call this a “coup” for the Hawks, but considering Hollinger predicted the Hawks to finished 9th in the East with a .500 record last year, it definitely shows improvement in the eyes of the media. (Especially Hollinger, who takes in a lot of Hawks basketball)

Hollinger does lament that the loss of Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams does damage to Atlanta defensively: “On paper, the starting wings are Morrow and Korver, leaving it unclear how the Hawks will prevent any good wing from hanging 30 on them.” Continue Reading…