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hh-logo-DRAFTThe third prospect due for a draft profile is Kansas’ freshman, Kelly Oubre. The small forward has been projected to go anywhere from 10 to 18 in this year’s draft.


Small Forward, 6’6.75, 203 lbs. Freshman, University of Kansas, 19 years old

2014-15 college stats:

11 minutes, 9.3 points, 44.4 FG%, 35.8 3P%, 71.8 FT%, 0.8 assists, 5.0 rebounds, 1.1 steals, 0.4 blocks, 21.1 PER.


One of the most raw prospects in the top 20 is Kelly Oubre. Oubre was one of the most highly recruited high school prospects last year, but never really lived up to the hype at Kansas. Although Oubre only averaged 21 minutes per game, we were able to catch glimpses of the player that he could be. For example, in his limited time, the lefty averaged five rebounds a game, good for about 8.5 a game per 36 minutes. This would have put him as one of the top rebounders for his position, better than both Stanley Johnson and Justise Winslow.

Being 19 and extremely raw also means there is a lot of potential for Oubre. He was able to shoot 35.8 percent from three, grab five rebounds a game, and nab at least a steal a game, all in 21 minutes. Per 36 minutes, Oubre would have averaged about two steals a game. He has the height and wingspan — just over 7’2 — as well as the athletic ability to be able to guard shooting guards and small forwards in the NBA. His wingspan not only helps him reach in for steals, but it’s also incredibly useful for closeouts and blocking shots. Continue Reading…