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I’m still in a daze. What just happened?

*shakes out cob-webs*

Ah, I can see clearly now!

This is one of those trades that we can’t really grade until each moving piece evolves over time. This is a trade could impact the Hawks in a few different ways.

Scenario #1:

Hawks dive into free agency head-first ready to make a huge splash. However, they come out of it looking like the Boys Chess Team captain asking out the Homecoming Queen. (Heck, even if you’re on the girls chess team you probably say no, am I right?)

Hawks watch as Lucas Nogueira turns Toronto into his playground, sending back opposing shots as if he were Rob Ford. With Bebe, considering how high his ceiling is as an imposing defensive specialist, this part of Scenario #1 is quite possible if his knees stay functioning. Continue Reading…

5-on-5: Offseason Grades

Bo Churney —  August 20, 2013

Since most roster acquisitions should be done by now, the HawksHoop crew got together to give out their grades on how Danny Ferry did in his second offseason as General manager.

1. How would you grade the Hawks’ signing of Paul Millsap? (1-10)

Nubyjas Wilborn: 7. Milsap’s stats are comparable to Smoove’s. No, he won’t be as exhilarating, but he won’t be as infuriating either. It was best move Hawks could considering the circumstances. 5-on-5
Chris Barnewall: 10000000000000000. The Millsap signing was the steal of the offseason by contract value alone. When you lose a guy as good on defense as Josh Smith is, it’s very hard to replace that. Millsap isn’t as good on defense but he can manage thanks to some very quick feet and his shot selection won’t drive Hawks fans to a chorus of “NOOOO”. Millsap is a player who is best when next to a good defensive center and the Hawks have that in Al Horford. Great great GREAT signing.
David Vertsberger: 9. Signing Paul Millsap for under $10 million a year was one of the steals of the summer. The former Jazz forward will fill the gap left by Josh Smith with improved offensive qualities – less long twos, better spacing (35% shooting compared to 19% from 10-16 feet) and higher efficiency (TS% of 55 compared to Smith’s of 50%). While the defense takes a bit of a step back, simply looking at the value of this deal makes this a 9. Continue Reading…

Nogueira to Stay in Spain

Bo Churney —  August 12, 2013

The AJC’s Chris Vivlamore has reported that Lucas Nogueira will spend this season playing in Spain.

This isn’t an unexpected move. Lucas still has a lot of developing to do and Elton Brand and Gustavo Ayon will act as suitable alternatives until Nogueira can come over.

Atlanta’s second-round pick, Mike Muscala, will also play in Spain this season. Dennis Schröder has already been signed by the club. For some analysis of Nogueira’s play with the Hawks’ Summer League team, click here and here.

Everything seemed to be going well in the first half. Not only did the Hawks have a 41-31 lead, but the rooks and second year guys were doing a lot of good things. Schröder was active in both shooting and passing, finishing the half with 11 points and four assists. John Jenkins, who was still acting as the number one option, actually started off strong with 10 points on 4-for-8 shooting.

Nogueira was in early foul trouble – the Summer League tournament games are reduced from 10 to six fouls – but the team of Mikes in Muscala and Scott did more than enough to pick up the slack; the two were playing well within the control of Schröder’s offense and were defending and rebound at a more than acceptable rate. Hell, even Jared Cunningham had a couple of beautiful dimes.

Then the shots decided to stop falling.

After a 15-for-31 performance from the field in the first half, the Hawks went 10-44 in the second half and overtime. Schröder was still running the offense well and getting open looks, but Jenkins and Scott couldn’t convert. Nogueira also had trouble finishing some looks around the rim, but his pick-and-roll defense and rim-protection (four blocks) were definitely the highlights.

Mike Scott finished with 19 points and nine rebounds. Muscala wound up with a team-high 12 boards, which means I get to post this.


The Hawks’ next game is on Friday at 6PM EDT against the Sacramento Kings.

Atlanta was one of the more entertaining squads Friday in Las Vegas, mainly due to the already budding chemistry of the rookie pair of Dennis Schröder and Lucas Nogueira. Both were relatively unknown commodities before last night in terms of how they could translate to the NBA. However, it became apparent that they communicate well with each other and that they both are talented rookies.

With Schröder, the first thing that immediately became apparent was the control he exercised when in possession of the ball. Dennis’ tight dribble wasn’t something opposing point guard could effortlessly slap away and his passes seemed very crisp and precise. There are a multitude of ways that Dennis can pass the ball, as his different bounce passes and lobs navigated well through different angles. He finished with seven assists and two turnovers, and the numbers were fitting with how he operated the position. So long as that part of the game translates, ball control won’t be much of an issue while Schröder is on the floor. Continue Reading…

The Hawks’ Summer League roster got a boost before the game started with the announcement of Lucas Nogueira being cleared my FIBA.

They carried that momentum for the first quarter, starting off with the Mike Scott-John Jenkins two-man game that the two second year players have worked on relentlessly. The crowd was then treated to a passing display between ATL’s new rookies in Dennis Schröder and Nogueira, who showed a soft touch on the dimes out of the high-post. A combination of mostly Lucas dunks and Jenkins jumpers gave the Hawks a 24-22 advantage at the end of the first quarter.

That progress was soon halted, however. The Clipper started a fury in the transition game, led by Samardo Samuels and DaJuan Summers. It wasn’t quite lob city, but LA used a series of turnovers to run and get easy dunks. A 28-4 run gave the Clippers a 55-37 halftime advantage. The Hawks couldn’t quite recover from this singular run, and eventually dropped the game, 90-83.

The second half gave us some of the most positive highlights from the Hawks in the form of the Schröder-Nogueira pick-and-roll. Lucas showed his best offensive skill in cutting to the basket, and even threw down a thunderous alley-oop on Samuels. Continue Reading…