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The Hawks took their talents to Detroit on Friday night to face the red-hot Pistons, who had won seven straight since releasing the enigmatic Josh Smith. Despite a late rally from Detroit, the Hawks were able to withstand by a score of 106-103, ending the Pistons’ win streak and pushing the Hawks’ win streak to seven.

Atlanta was firing on all cylinders in the first half, leading by as many as 23, shooting 56%, and hitting eight 3-pointers. Paul Millsap led the way with 12 points in the half, but the scoring was done by one of the most balanced ATL efforts that we have seen all season; of the 10 Hawks that played in the first half, eight of them scored at least five points.

Former Hawk Anthony Tolliver is what really kept Detroit alive in the first half. Tolliver scored 10 points in the half, all of which came in the latter portion of the second quarter. Without Tolliver, it is likely that the Pistons could have been down by a lot more, as Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope combined to shoot 3-for-18 in the first half.

The Pistons started to claw their way back in the third quarter, scoring 30 points in the quarter. Kyle Singler and Brandon Jennings started to get hot from the field and the two combined to score 19 of Detroit’s 30 in the third. While the Hawks still managed to scored 26 points in the period, you could see Detroit’s defense start to clamp down and slow down the Hawks’ ball movement. Al Horford scored 11 in the quarter, but it came on 10 shot attempts. Continue Reading…

We will be going live at 1PM to discuss the last series against the Pacers, the current search for a head coach, and of course, free agency!

Keeping Drew?

Bo Churney —  May 16, 2013

It has been almost two weeks since the Hawks’ season ended… and Larry Drew is still under contract. To me, this is a huge surprise.

Now, I think Drew is a good coach, but with his contract coming to an end, I figured the Hawks would have gotten rid of him already. It seemed like GM Danny Ferry would want to hire his own guy and would have sent Drew on his way by now. However, Drew is still under contract, even though the Hawks are looking at other candidates. To be fair, the Hawks have allowed Drew to interview for any job he may want.

I still don’t think Larry will be back in Atlanta next year, but his odds have increased (to me, at least) purely from the fact that he’s still around. And to be honest, if Josh Smith is gone, I think Drew could work for this team. The two clearly can’t seem to agree on shot selection, meaning that they would probably be better off in different cities next season.

The Hawks have talked with Nate McMillan. Two words: bad idea? McMillan has the same M.O. as Mike Woodson: isolation offense and is supposedly a great defensive coach, despite team defensive efficiency not being reflective of that. Now, McMillan may have learned some things since he was fired from the Trail Blazers, but hiring an isolation-heavy playcaller when you don’t have a dominant wing player would leave me scratching my head. I’d rather have Drew, regardless of the Josh Smith situation.

Of course, I still believe Stan Van Gundy is the best option as coach. He’s a proven winner and has a system that is fun to watch. The Hawks should do everything they can to get him or Brian Shaw, who is probably the best assistant coach in the Association right now.

According to a report from Yahoo Sports, the Atlanta Hawks have an interest in former Magic coach Stan Van Gundy replacing Larry Drew as head coach of the Hawks. The report states that Van Gundy is one of the Hawks top targets.

“General manager Danny Ferry has made Van Gundy his top target to replace Larry Drew, sources said. There has been contact between Ferry and Van Gundy, but the two sides have yet to meet in person.”

As many people know, current Lakers center Dwight Howard will be a free agent this offseason and Atlanta is the big man’s hometown. Howard’s coach back when he used to play for Orlando was Van Gundy. It is possible that bringing in SVG could help increase Howard’s interest in returning to play for his hometown. Despite Dwight’s scuffles with Van Gundy last season, sources around Howard say that this season helped Dwight realize the brilliance of the coach he had in Orlando.

I think that Van Gundy is a great option and definitely should be the top target for the Hawks this offseason. When Van Gundy was the coach in Orlando, he was one of the best coaches in the NBA and his time in Miami before that saw him reach the eastern conference finals. Van Gundy has shown he knows how to coach defense, turning the Magic into a top three defensive team in 2009, and an offense with the barrage of three-pointers the Magic would shoot when he was coach.

The great thing about Van Gundy is his great basketball mind. The three-point shooting offense he ran in Orlando was designed around the fact that they had the gigantic Dwight Howard in the middle. He knew that the best thing to surround him with would be a bunch of 3 point shooters so he designed the offense around it. I would love to see Van Gundy work with an offense being ran by the speedy Jeff Teague. Van Gundy has also shown the ability to develop players, turning JJ Redick from purely a three-point shooter into an all-around player.