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Per a report by VividSeats – a ticket sales site – the Atlanta Hawks are ninth in median ticket price for the upcoming 2013-14 NBA season. The report lists the media price at $111, trailing only New York, Los Angeles (Lakers), Oklahoma City, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles (Clippers), Brooklyn and Houston.

This comes as a surprise considering Atlanta’s attendance statistics over it’s recent history. Last year, Philips Arena was 26th in average total attendance and 23rd in attendance percentage according to ESPN. On top of this, the report also states that the Hawks aren’t one of the teams competing in this season’s 25-most expensive contests – where at the summit lies the Heat at the Lakers on Christmas Day.

The Hawks are relatively glanced over by the common fan league-wise, living among the depths of the league in popularity with lesser teams. The Hawks only have 5 nationally-televised games this season when including NBATV, but strictly between TNT, ESPN and ABC they have 3 games (tied for 18th in the league) that can be seen by non-League Pass owning fans outside of the Atlanta area.

However this team is in the middle of one of the most impressive rebuilding efforts in the league, perfectly walking the line between staying competitive and looking to improve on an incomplete core. As the team continues to grow and get better, don’t let the median ticket price be a scare. When looking at the average ticket prices in VividSeats’s report, the Hawks are tied for 18th in the NBA at $144 a ticket.

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