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As I began writing this review, I realized there was only one way to write about Paul Millsap. I decided to write in a way that reflected his style of play: creativity, finesse, and a subtle swagger. So without further ado, here is my first attempt at HawksHoop poetry.

Ode to Trillsap

Nine and a half million dollars
Makes you really want to holler
For the man we know as Paul.

He came in on a bargain
Quiet guy, not much jargon
Was just what we needed in Atlanta

A guy who is better than most
Dastardly good moves in the post
But wait! There’s more! He can shoot.

He could really stretch the floor
Creating space for Hor(ford)*
The season was starting quite well.

But then came the Cavs thriller
Big Al was sent to the chiller
An injury made Millsap the leader Continue Reading…