Teague, Harris Likely Starting Guards for Friday’s Opener

Bo Churney —  October 30, 2012


I’ll go ahead and say that I’m am not a fan of this move.

According to the AJC’s Chris Vivlamore
, Jeff Teague and Devin Harris will likely form the starting backcourt for Atlanta in Friday’s opener against the Rockets.

Personally, I wanted Lou Williams or Anthony Morrow; even Stevenson could have been better in that role as the team’s only good wing-defender. (Of course, Stevenson’s offense is.. well… offensive)

The case is really Harris vs. Williams for the starting spot. Over the past three years, Lou has been the better shooter, better ball-handler (while controlling the ball about as much), and better rebounder. And according to Synergy, Lou was the better defender by a mile last season:


It’s not that Devin is a terrible player, or that he can’t help the Hawks; it’s just that he should be playing the two guard. (he shouldn’t be playing PG over Teague either, but that doesn’t appear to be happening… yet)

Another thing that this might signal, and this might be a bit of a reach, is that Larry Drew still doesn’t completely trust Teague as the team’s primary ball-handler. Most Hawks’ fans are used to seeing Teague on a short-leash, but thought he would have free-reign this season. Harris being in the lineup with Teague could show that nothing has changed. Of course, we will actually have to see how the two play together in a large number of minutes before making that judgement.

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