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4 responses to The Hawks’ new image

  1. Isn’t ironic that when we brought back the pac, we lost game six just like the hawks from 88 did?

  2. If we really want to change our image, we need a top player and to make it past the 2nd round.

    Just make the NBA Final Four and don’t get embarrassed while there. That alone will make people take notice.

  3. I think it has to be the emergence of Jeff Teague. He is as an exciting point guard as they come, but his cool demeanor reminds of Portland Trailblazers’ Damien Lillard where it just doesn’t seem to phase them being in the spotlight.

  4. Good article. I agree, the vibe has changed with these Hawks. The petulant players are gone, the team plays hard. There’s belief in the coach and the GM, and the Hawks are fun to watch. They have a new CEO who’s a marketing genius and who brilliantly capitalized on the playoff enthusiasm to re-introduce the pacman logo. You’re right, to sustain this they must continue winning.

    I hope you’re right, that potential free agents begin to see Atlanta as a destination. If they can become true contenders, I could see this town exploding over the Hawks.