This Week In The Southeast: 11/24-11/28

Chris Barnewall —  November 29, 2014

This Week In The Southeast, the Wizards begin to look mortal. Was their hot start just the effect of an easy schedule? The Hawks are now ONE GAME behind first place in the East, have they finally figured out what caused their early season struggles? Meanwhile, Miami just can’t seem to get a winning streak going, Orlando is tumbling down, and Charlotte keeps choking on their food.

Washington Wizards, 9-5, 2nd in the East, 0-2 this week WAS

The Wizards faced two good teams this week, and they lost to both of them. After a close loss to the division rival Hawks, Washington went to Cleveland on a back to back and had a horrible night, getting blown out of the building. The Wizards still don’t have a quality win this season. Lucky for them, this isn’t college football and all that matters is how many wins you have, not the quality of them.

Atlanta Hawks, 8-6, 5th in the East, 2-1 this week ATL

Atlanta is really random to start off this season. After last week’s horrible loss to the Lakers, the Hawks responded with a big win over the Wizards, and a complete game against the Pelicans. Seriously, they might be the first team all year to say they slowed down Anthony Davis. Despite the good things this week, Atlanta did get outplayed by a pretty good Raptors team. Right now there is a ceiling on the Hawks, we just can’t figure out where it is.

Miami Heat, 8-7, 6th in the East, 0-1 this week MIA

Yeesh, one loss and you tumbe all the way down to 3rd in the division, and 6th in the conference. It’s probably cause the East is so tough right? Miami lost to a very good Golden State team at home on Tuesday, but get a nice long break before their next game against the Knicks on Sunday.

Orlando Magic, 6-11, 8th in the East, 0-3 this week ORL

Well, the competitive Magic were fun while they lasted. Three losses this week, all games where the Magic were thoroughly outplayed. Two of them were to playoff teams, the other was against an injured Pacers squad that’s more talented than they look. While they looked good early, the Magic are still bad.

Charlotte Hornets, 4-13, 13th in the East, 0-3 this week CHA_Hornets

Charlotte is in free fall mode. Eight straight losses without any idea of when they’re gonna get out of it. They’ve had good chances in a lot of their games, but poor execution and an inability to hold on to leads has ruined them. The Hornets might be the worst good team in the NBA, they have quarters where they look like a playoff team, and then ones where they look like the 4-13 team they are. Wildly inconsistent and completely unpredictable. There’s only one thing we know for sure; no lead is safe with the Hornets.

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