This Week In The Southeast: 12/14-12/20

Chris Barnewall —  December 21, 2014

This Week In The Southeast, the Wizards are barely holding on to that spot at the top. Can they hold off the surging Hawks much longer? While those two continue their battle at the top, the Heat battle injuries and try to find themselves before they even consider challenging the ever expanding gap in the division. The Magic just finished a brutal start to their schedule with a lot of road games, will that really matter? Meanwhile the Hornets have won two straight but blew another 4th quarter lead, what’s with this team?

Washington Wizards, 19-6, 2nd in the East, 3-0 this week WAS

In a week where the Hawks looked primed and ready to take the number one spot in the division, the Wizards just wouldn’t let that happen. Washington went undefeated this week including a squeaker against Miami. Besides the Miami game, the Wizards took care of business the rest of the week defeating Minnesota and Utah by more than eight points, each

Atlanta Hawks, 19-7, 3rd in the East, 3-0 this week ATL

The poor Hawks are doing everything they can to catch up to Washington but they’re still a half game behind. Even though Atlanta doesn’t have the best record in the division they have nothing to be unhappy about. Atlanta has won 14 of their last 16 with their last three wins coming against Chicago, Cleveland, and Houston. There might not be a team in the Eastern conference playing better than the Hawks.

Miami Heat, 12-15, 7th in the East, 1-3 this week MIA

The Heat are having some major struggles right now. Josh McRoberts is out all year with a torn meniscus, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade have both missed time this season, and Luol Deng just isn’t the player they were hoping he would be. Miami’s sole win came against the Nets and they got blown out twice this week. Despite all this, Miami still sits at 7th in the East. Gotta love being in the weaker conference.

Orlando Magic, 10-19, 10th in the East, 0-3 this week ORL

The Magic finally ended a brutal starting schedule that had them playing a lot of road games. The good news is they managed to go 10-19 during this span. The bad news is Orlando got handled quite easily three straight times this week. Not sure if it’s a lack of effort or being tired, but the Magic losing handily to the Celtics and Jazz is not a good thing for a team that’s been competitive in a lot of games this year.

Charlotte Hornets, 8-19, 12th in the East, 2-2 this week CHA_Hornets

The Hornets blew it again in the 4th quarter against Phoenix last Wednesday, at home. They could have gone 3-1 this week had they not done that with the only loss coming to the Cavs. Instead they went 2-2 with wins over the 76ers and Jazz, and only one of those is mildly impressive. Charlotte also lost Lance Stephenson to injury and proceeded to win two straight games against weak opponents. If the wins keep coming, while Stephenson is gone, Charlotte could have a controversy on their hands bigger than their poor record.

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  1. So when is ESPN going to start talking about the Hawks? Or are they incapable of talking about anything other than the West and the couple of popular/big brand teams in the East?