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How to evolve pokemon chart

If you are also a Pokemon fan, you must have known that every Pokemon falls under a specific type. Pokemon’s type determines where they live and most importantly it’s strength and weakness against other Pokemon.

Evolution is a key part of every Pokemon games and evolving them makes it stronger and often gives them a wider movepool. Many species of Pokemon are only obtainable through evolution. And there are many several methods of evolution with more variations being added in each game, Pokemon might evolve by training it to a certain level by applying an elemental stone or trading via cable link, like Red/Yellow/Blue.

In case if you are looking for an evolution chart for improving your Pokemons CP and evolve them, refer poke charts table which has got a full tabulated Pokemon Chart. Also, you can understand the strength and weakness of every Pokemon types.

Evolution is the most important aspect of Pokemon games. Evolution is not just about only Physical changes, by evolving them they become big and strong enough. It also gives them a wide range of attack and some desirable pokemon can only be attained through their evolution. Pokemon’s can be evolved when they reach a certain level of Combat power or by using evolution stones. And the most important thing is, Evolution can also change the type of Pokemon from one type to another. The levels of the Pokemon get increased based on their battle experience.

Stages Of Evolution

Pokemons are being classified based on their evolutionary stage and if any pokemon falls under the category of these four stages.

  1. 1 Baby Pokemon
  2. Unevolved Pokemon
  3. Stage 1 Pokemon
  4. Stage 2 Pokemon

Evolution by Level

Upon reaching a certain level the Pokemons get evolves. The level also gets increased by using them and winning through battles. Each Pokemon has their individual levels over which they evolve.

Pokemons with the cross are also shown in the earliest generations of their appearance.


This how you can evolve your Pokemon easily. The type chart will make you that process easier to increase your Pokemon’s evolution form.

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