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How to Message on Instagram Over Laptop or PC?

Nowadays, more and more people are already using Instagram, the famous photo sharing app. Surprisingly, these people do not just use the social media platform to share their captured moments. In essence, it has also become a place where you can discover new products, share ideas and communicate with other users, as well as send and receive important direct messages.

What does Direct Message or DM do on Instagram?

The direct message, also called DM, is an Instagram option that allows you to send private messages to a specific Instagram user or group of Instagram users. You can not only send private chats, but you can also use DM to send photos and videos, links, missing messages such as snapshots, placements, hashtags, and more.

Steps to review direct messages on Instagram using your desktop

Mobile phones have been essential tools for today’s communication. Because they are relatively small and easy to transport, they are a convenient way to keep in touch with loved ones. And with the birth of smartphones, communications are not only possible via SMS and calls, but also via social networking applications that we can easily install on our smartphones. In other words, smartphones are no longer limited to SMS and calls, but work almost like our desktops.

Despite the convenience offered by smartphones, the use of desktop computers still has many advantages, such as the big screen and the full keyboard. Although apps on our smartphones usually make things easier, that does not mean that these things are impossible with a PC.

Suppose you want to use your computer to review your direct messages on Instagram, it is not possible. Although you can use your web browser to use Instagram on your PC, you will not be able to find an option to use the direct messaging service. And if you’re wondering how to use the Instagram DM service on your computer, it’s easy, you can do the following:

Use Instagram for Windows 10

  • Download Instagram for the Windows application from the Windows application store.
  • Install and run the program on your PC.
  • Click the Direct Message icon to send a message to anyone.
  • To check your messages, click the arrow icon and go to the chat section to see the messages.

Use Instagram on your PC via BlueStacks

  • BlueStacks is a popular application emulator for Android for PC (also compatible with Macbook) and, above all, it is free. With BlueStacks, Android apps can run on PC. To use BlueStacks, download and install the software on your PC or Mac.
  • Click “Finish” once the installation process is complete.
  • As soon as you access the Home screen, click the right arrow button.
  • Then you will be prompted to enter the credentials of your Google Account.
  • Complete the required configuration and click on ‘Search’.
  • In the search bar, type Instagram and click on the app icon as soon as it appears. This will take you to the Play Store where you can find the Instagram app.
  • Install the Instagram app.
  • Open the app and enter your Instagram account details when asked.
  • Instagram will open on your computer. You can now enjoy the Instagram DM service on your PC.
  • To check your messages, click the arrow icon and go to the chat section to see the messages.

So, this how you can use send Direct message in Instagram using PC. Hope this article helps.

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